Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Essential Tips for Getting Your Business Online

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Establishing a respected online presence is not only important for business growth, it’s also essential for supporting your marketing efforts and establishing leads from potential sales. Not only is having a respected online presence key for your current customers, it’s also a key way to provide internet users with an interactive ‘window’ into your business, while also making them choose you over your competitors. When brainstorming your ideas for a corporate website it can be difficult to know where to start, but transforming your dreams into a shiny new online reality can be easier to achieve than you might think it is. Don’t miss our essential tips for getting your business online.

What Do You Want Your Website to Achieve?

Before you let your creative zeal run away with you, it’s important to consider what you want your new website to achieve. Do you have key business goals? If you don’t, then now may be the right time to set some for yourself and your employees. Even if you work in retail, your goal will be more than purely sales – you’ll also want to be selling your user experience, checking that your branding transfers well on your site and reviewing any stock imagery you may already have of your merchandising. Perhaps you work in a more niche market? A new website is the perfect tool to increase visibility and to share your story with the world.

Create an Online Business Strategy

Having a business strategy on paper is one thing, but creating new aims for your online presence should also be top of your business priorities. Do you have key targets for each quarter? Are you looking to increase your sales through online advertising? Perhaps you’re lacking funding in the first instance and want to use your site to help increase your earnings? Employing a clear-cut business strategy is the key to your website success, and the second step is sticking to that strategy at all costs.

Rankings Do Matter

You’ve created your new site, improved your branding and added some great new content. Now’s the time to work on your rankings by checking in with your search engine optimization, or checking how your site is picked up and ranked by search engines. Even if your SEO isn’t great to start with, take the time to review how your site is performing and check that this aligns with your online business strategy – that’s why you created it after all.

Don’t Forget Your Brand

Your brand is the one thing that customers connect with, keeping your heritage and presence as a known and respected entity. It also makes your business truly unique. Make sure that this translates well on your new website. If you do give your branding a revamp, then do this across all of your channels and marketing materials. Nobody likes a business that doesn’t know how to properly represent itself, so be careful not to fall into that trap.