Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

5 Blog Niches That Get Good Traffic and Make Money

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To create a successful blog, you must corner the market and target the right audience. But doing so requires you first ask yourself the following question: for whom am I writing? To answer this question, imagine addressing one person in every post.

What do you want to tell them? And what will they ask you? Such questions help you to focus your content on a specific audience and force you to master your subject matter. With that in mind, what niches should you be focusing on and which ones are the most profitable?

1. Money

Money is at the top of most people’s list of priorities. Those not having it obsess about how to earn some while those who do have it obsess about how to make more of it. So whichever side you fall, you’ll read through money blogs, searching for relevant financial information.

The most popular of these blogs discuss how to earn money online through blogs, social media, freelancing, and affiliate marketing among others. And the reason for this is simple. Because digital technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, we might as well use it to transform the most important aspect – our finances.

2. Health

But your finances are not the only thing you need to improve your life. Deep down, you also worry about your health, and bloggers know this. So, many of them write on various health matters, including general health, healthy foods, fitness regimes, and mental wellness.

They know you’ll surely read their content, which you do. However, thoroughly scrutinize bloggers’ credentials. If they have no professional training or first-hand experience on a health matter, don’t take their advice seriously.

3. Technology

As mentioned earlier, technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. We, therefore, read with interest blogs discussing the latest software, apps, gadgets, cars, or – in the case of – diesel trucks. Our interest is even greater if we intend to buy a particular product.

In this instance, we read through as many reviews as we can before settling on a product. For this reason, technology news blogs are gaining in popularity faster than any other niche.

4. Fashion

While some people live for technology, others live for fashion. They constantly search for the latest fashion tips, trends, photographs, and clothing lines, to name a few. And where can you do so better than in fashion blogs? Needless to say, such blogs attract a huge following and make a lot of money through ads and fashion links.

5. DIY

DIY blogs are perfect if you love home décor and anything craft-related. These blogs feature everything from DIY home renovations and makeovers to DIY auto-repairs. And with the recent trend in everything DIY, the demand is only increasing, making it one of the fastest growing and lucrative niches out there.


If you intend to create a blog, these five niches will generate good traffic and translate into revenue. Make sure you pick a niche you’re either familiar with or truly passionate about if you want to really thrive as a blogger.