Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

5 Inexpensive Home Business Ideas

Have you always dreamed of running your own business at home but you’ve also been concerned about being on a tight budget and not really having a lot of money to invest in your venture? Well, it actually turns out that there are several different paths that you can take towards starting your own business from home without needing a lot of money, so continue reading for a few inexpensive home business ideas that you can actually take advantage of right away.

Virtual Assistant

You don’t need to work in an office to become a professional assistant because you can actually perform this important job from remote and from the comfort of your own home office. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind doing tasks that typically include organizing documents, looking through emails, maintaining a schedule, and posting to social media, you can build a business at home by searching for people who are looking for virtual assistants that will help them succeed.

Social Media Consultant

Speaking of posting to social media, another low-cost business idea that you can pursue from home is the position of social media consultant. All you need is a computer with a reliable Internet connection, as well as the time that is necessary to keep any client’s social media pages updated with interesting and engaging content that will increase conversions. You can get started in this field by building a portfolio that proves your knowledge and skills in the realm of online marketing and social media management and marketing. You can also offer your services at a discount to get started and then work on building your client base over time.


Running a franchise can be a great option for those who want to create a small business at home and have the option to scale it up. Plus, unlike other businesses where you need to do all the marketing yourself, a franchise is already developed, and you’ll have tons of support to help you. There are lots of different franchise opportunities available in most sectors, so pick one in an industry that you like. You can then look into hiring staff to help you as you grow.

Freelance Graphic Designer

If you enjoy creating art, especially if it is digital art in the form of graphic design, you can become a freelance graphic designer and work from home. As long as you have invested in a high quality computer that will handle all of the high-tech software that you need to create the best art possible, you can begin searching for clients on various job boards, building your portfolio, and building your business one client at a time.

Website Designer

Yet another inexpensive home business idea involves becoming a professional website designer. These days, everyone from the sole proprietor to the corporation needs a stellar website that will be attractive, optimized for search engines, and responsive on all devices. So go ahead and take a few courses on website design and invest in the tools necessary to build a fantastic website from scratch according to a client’s specifications. Before you know it, you will be completing projects with ease and you will be getting paid to do what you enjoy.

As you can see, there are lot of different career paths that you can take if you wish to start your own business from home, even if you don’t have a lot of money to put towards your startup. With consistent effort and dedication, you can grow your business, whether you want to go into an administrative or an artistic direction.