Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2018

5 Practices that Will Assure You a Win in Rummy

The goal of any player is to win the game of rummy. Yet, only few people manage to master this game and most others fail miserably. So, what exactly differs in the way the winners and the losers play the game? Read along and know some simple practices that will ensure your victory in a rummy game that you play in your locality or online.

  1. Focusing on Pure Sequence First

A good 13 card rummy game player knows that without the pure sequence, his hand can never be formed. That is why his attention is completely on creating the pure sequence first. The pure sequence maybe of three or four cards depending on the rule of the game. The pure sequence can be made by using number cards, face cards or a combination of both.

However, a pure sequence cannot make use of joker. An example of number playing cards pure sequence is 2,3,4,5 of spades. All the cards in a rummy patti game sequence need to be of the same sign. An example of playing cards pure sequence with face cards is A, K, Q and J. A mixed card sequence where numbers as well as face cards are used is 9, 10, J and Q.

  1. Never Trying to Create Face Card Melds/Sets

All the face cards in rummy have 10 points each and are regarded as high point cards. If you have a readymade set of these cards, it is ok. But, in case you have two queens of different signs, it makes sense to dispose the two queens and replace them with low point cards rather than wait for the third queen. Once the pure sequence is formed, the goal of an Indian rummy player becomes to reduce the points in hand. This can be achieved only if you get rid of the useless face cards.

  1. Arranging the Joker at the End

Many people make a mistake of arranging the joker inside the set or sequence as soon as they get it. This is a wrong approach. The right approach while playing rummy online is to arrange the jokers to one side of the hand. Arrange pairs that may form sequences at the centre of your hand. Arrange the cards that you wish to dispose at the other side of the hand. This organised method of arrangement helps you view properly and think clearly.

  1. Never Picking Cards from Disposed Pile till Life is Formed

Your opponent will be trying hard to gauge your moves during the game. Do not give him this opportunity until you really can use the card to make a sequence or set, especially if you are playing a rummy tournament, where the stakes are already high. Do not pick cards from the discard pile. When you do this, your opponent gets to see what card you have picked. This may give him a hint as to what sets and sequences you plan to form. When he knows this, he plans his moves accordingly.

  1. Passing if Chances are Bleak

One of the most important aspects of a mature card games player is to pass the game on time. Once you receive your hand, you get an idea whether you will win the game or not. See if there are chances of forming a pure sequence soon enough. If chances for either seem bleak, it makes sense at the very beginning of the game and lose just 20-25 points rather lose 80-100 points by losing the game completely.

Follow the above-mentioned practices. These will definitely help you to win at rummy.