8 Things You Should Never Ignore When Buying a Gaming Chair

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Gaming chairs vary in material, features, functionality, comfort, among other things. The idea of securing a gaming chair over using an ordinary chair is to increase the pleasure you experience, particularly during prolonged gaming sessions, not forgetting for health purposes.

Whereas aiming for quality and high value should be your underlying factor when considering a gaming chair, there are several other things to add to your checklist before you can decide which gaming chair best befits your needs. Here are several essential things to check before buying a gaming chair:

The chair’s padding

It means nothing to own a gaming chair that does not do anything for your comfort. The padding on a gaming chair has a huge role to play in reinforcing coziness. Before you buy a gaming chair, sit on it to have a feel of the padding, whether is it hard or soft to sit on.

Ideally, you want a gaming chair whose padding is kind to your body, conveniently molding when you sit, and adequately distributed throughout the chair, explicitly giving added support to the pressure points.

Additionally, you want to consider a gaming chair that comes with extra cushioning for the headrest and the lumbar regions, which are the main areas that require reinforcement during gaming. Alternatively, some gaming chairs such as the Merax gaming chair have extra cushioning attached to these areas, which means you may not need extra pillows.

Recline function

A gaming chair without a recline function is highly restrictive, especially when it comes to intense games. The recline function is what sets a gaming chair apart from an ordinary chair.

The highest recline angle is 180 degrees, which offers maximum comfort, even for naps in between gaming sessions. Since different chairs have different recline functions, you want to choose for one with a comfortable recline, without compromising on other features that are etched to comfort.


Customizing a gaming chair to your liking is one of the benefits of buying an ideal gaming chair. The idea is to juice out as much value from the chair as possible, depending on your preferences, and your physical features.

For tall people, for example, you want a gaming chair that can adjust for height, preferably with a high back to properly rest your entire spinal column. Further, consider the adjustability of the chair on the armrests. Some chairs have 3D adjustable armrests, while others have 4D, which are more flexible. Be on the lookout for gaming chairs that have adjustable seat surfaces, which makes them more comfortable than others.

Weight capacity

Gaming chairs are meant to endure long service until you are ready to acquire another one, which usually takes time. If the gaming chair you choose has a low weight capacity, then it means it is prone to wear sooner than later, if exposed to higher weight capacity.

The sturdiness of the frame

The framework of a gaming chair goes hand in hand with supporting the weight of a gamer while ensuring durability. Different gaming chairs spot different structures, with some made of work, while other a combination of metal like steel and aluminum.

The whatever material used on a gaming chair should guarantee sturdiness, resistance to quick wear and tear and adequate support for the weight.


Gaming chairs should be made for motion, which is why the recline function is essential, as previously mentioned. The maneuverability of a gaming chair entails the glide on a floor, as well as the weight of the chair.

For this factor, you must determine the casters of the chair, checking the material used to make them, and their sizes. Does the chair have a 360 swivel mechanism? Does it have a smooth glide on a floor? For large chairs, it helps to have large wheels to reinforce stability. The base should be sturdy enough to support your weight when moving around.

While some gaming chairs may not have wheels, they are unique in their weight, so that they are not too heavy to lift from one place to another. For the appropriate choice, you must put into account the room in which you intend to use the chair.

The material of the chair

The materials or fabric used to cover a gaming chair plays a role in reinforcing comfort and durability. The cheap and low-quality materials tend to wear off soon after purchase, and that might compromise the longevity of the chair.

Further, the material should neither be harsh to your skin nor hard to maintain. Choose a material that is highly breathable, and preferably, one that does not soak in body oils or sweat.

Additional features of the chair

Different gaming hairs have various features that are not a standard provision in other chairs. Are you looking for a chair that is compatible with different consoles? Are you looking for a chair with massage functions or other automated functions?

The additional feature in a gaming chair also depends on the type of gaming chair you are looking for, for example, console gaming chairs have speakers and surround audio systems while PC and racing chairs do not.