Avoid These Mistakes During Child Custody Cases

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Any custody battle is difficult, expensive and time consuming. Sabotaging one’s case is much more common than you may think. So many mistakes can be done and the worst thing is that in most situations people do not even realize the mistake is made in the first place.

No matter what you might think at the moment, you want to be sure that you always work with an experienced divorce attorney Harrisburg PA specialist. You want the attorney in your corner so you do not make mistakes. However, some parents might want to represent themselves. If you want to do this or you just want more information, be sure that you avoid the following mistakes often made during child custody cases.

Behavior Mistakes

Becoming frustrated or losing your cool is one of the worst things you can do, especially when in front of a judge. This is why you want to have an attorney in your corner so he can talk instead of you. It is possible that you will be right in the middle of a really heated argument. When that happens you should never get physical or start swearing. Do not make threats and always avoid alcohol or drug use as you visit children or in court.

Child Support Payments

If you were order to make child support payments, they have to religiously be paid. When faced with financial problems, file motions so the judge is aware of this. Any court is capable of making orders to reduce support until you are back on track. When court approval does not exist, the spouse can easily go to the court. That can limit custody or visitation even more on the long run.

Never Disrespect The Court

While this is really obvious, in so many situations you end up faced with a lot of stress and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The number of people that do not care about the judge is huge. This may lead towards not complying with court orders.

Never disrespect the court. When custody evaluations are ordered, full cooperation is needed. Whenever you do not respect indications and orders from the court, you sacrifice something in your child custody case.

Putting Your Needs Over That Of Your Kids

Children are always innocent. The fight that happens between parents should never have a drastic effect on the life of a child. Unfortunately, in many cases parents forget about this and put their needs first. The court needs to see that you are willing to work with the other parent, with the main focus being the well-being of the child. Remember that children need time with both parents so do show that you are willing to share custody time.

Status Quo Neglect

Status quo is very important for the court. When the situation you are in right now works for everyone, children and parents, changing this situation is not something the court wants to do. Always be cognizant and be aware of everything you do since this can impact the child custody case.