Benefits of a Business Education for a Corporate or Political Career

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When entering the business or political arenas, having an educationalbackground focused around business administration is useful because it provides a solidfoundation. Rather than a degree that’s focused only on one area like marketing, accounting or global politics, being able to understand business at a core level helps executives run companies and politicians be seen to appreciate the needs of business leaders.

Let’s look at what you can get from a business education that will put you several steps ahead of the competition.

Broad Applicability of Business Administration

Going into a specialist field has its merits, but the reality is that most graduates end up working in several other fields that do not relate to their degree at all (over 30 percent in the case of some opinion polls). At that point, the degree only confirms the general knowledge level attained but it doesn’t assist them in their new endeavors.

Rather than choosing a degree that overspecializes, it’s often better to go the route of broad applicability to business and avoid becoming pigeonholed. This way it won’t be necessary to repeatedly explain in interviews why they’re not working in the field that relates to their degree whichthey paid so much to attain.

BA in Business Administration

The BA in Business Administration is less well known than the master’s in business administration (MBA). However, it’s a crucial qualification for motivated people who wish to learn a broad range of skills applicable in the workplace. Understanding organizational structures, good management and leadership techniques, marketing approaches, technology that underlies most productivity within the workplace and sound accounting practices are all extremely useful.

At NEC, they provide several business administration degrees courses which divide their focus between administration and a secondary subject. Whether you are interested in delving deep into business data crunching, digital marketing and e-commerce, healthcare administration, management, or project management, there’s a degree to suit everyone’s interests.

Master’s in Business Administration

The MBA is better known around the world than the BA program. It covers business topics in considerably greater depth, usually over a two-year study period. The core program at New England College includes finance for leaders, strategic planning and policy (something certainly applicable to political life), and leadership within an organization. There’s also electives which vary depending on where the student chooses to study.

Upon graduation, former students have access to an extensive alumni network of past graduates. With an MBA and depending on the specialization, the holder of this type of degree can go into corporate finance, healthcare, sales, training, or any number of other roles. The MBA is a highly respected qualification that is recognized globally. It’s certainly true that a distinguished business career can be followed by a run for political office with the qualification making it easier to connect with business leaders on the way up the political ladder.

It doesn’t matter whether political aspirations are likely to be a key focus later in life because taking on a business qualification and not a super-specific one leaves plenty of options on the table. Anyone who wishes to begin at a good level in business and rise rapidly would do well to consider their academic options carefully first.