The Benefits of a Virtual Office Service for Your Business

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Every business, large or small, needs administrative services that keep the office running smoothly. For many, it is the side of the business that is the lease interesting, but it is not the lease important and requires dedicated, qualified employees to maintain properly. Virtual office services can provide professional quality virtual assistants to cover the administrative aspect, so you can focus on the part of the business you love.

An Extension of Your Business

The skilled, detail-oriented team that takes on your administrative issues will cost you much less, than if you hired all of the professionals you need. They will learn everything about your product or service and your business policies so they can confidently answer questions and give a credible face to your company. They will respond to purchases, customer concerns, and returns as you direct.

The Virtual Services Provided

The main services provided by a virtual office provider include:

• Checking voice messages and providing call-backs
• Tracking orders that have been filled
• Contacting manufacturers
• Handling credit card declines and arranging for the sale to go through
• Managing emails

The Process

Online shoppers and Internet browsers land on your website through keyword searches, links from other websites or word of mouth. When they make a purchase, they use their credit card. If this card is declined, the virtual office specialist will call the customer and get the sales processed through a valid credit card. You do not need to be involved.

You can also have instant customer service through a live chat. Many shoppers look for websites that offer live chats because they can get their questions answered immediately, while they are still thinking about making a purchase. The alternative is asking questions through email, which could take 24 hours for an answer. By this time, the customer may have made his or her purchase somewhere else. A phone call is another way to get information, but this is also cumbersome and time-consuming. A live chat is the best option for consumers, and a website that offers this, has a better chance to get a higher conversion rate.

Customer Satisfaction

Since online testimonials can make or break a business, customer service has become a high priority for businesses. With services from a virtual office supplier, your customers will have immediate contact with a skilled and trained agent who will handle:

• Returns and exchanges
• Quality monitoring
• Personalized greetings
• Product inquiries
• Order tracking

Increased Productivity

When you use the services of a virtual office provider, you may boost your productivity and efficiency. Calls and messages will not be missed and they can be forwarded to you by email, phone or text messages.

There are many benefits for a small business, sole-traders, entrepreneurs and startups to employ a virtual office service provider. It allows clients and customers to interact with professional office assistants, is cost-effective compared to employing office staff and will save you time that you can devote to the other aspects of your business.