What Is The Biggest Mistake In Modern Education?

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In the modern era we can say that public education stands out as the very best possible invention. The idea that all children received the exact same education, no matter financial situation, race and sex was impactful. This did work for a really good time but we did reach a point where changes do happen. If we look at the current state of modern education, most specialists agree that things are going down. Stephen Buzzi agrees and believes that this happens because of different things that did change, with access to information being much different than in the past.

Right now we see numerous families looking for alternatives like private schooling, unschooling, homeschooling and religious schooling. Parents do think about how modern education should work because something clearly went wrong. Public education stood out as a dream for most nations but this is no longer something that works.

We now need to acknowledge the fact that there arereally high dropout rates and illiteracy rates all around the world. Children just do not enjoy modern schools anymore. Why is that?

A Focus On All Classes

There are numerous children that are really good at a specific subject. Some are incredibly good at Math while others are much better at history. Some are talented painters while others have perfect English skills. The children that focus on topics that they really love will prevail. There is no student out there that will be ahead in all areas. They surely have some that they are good at and some that they are struggling with.

The problem is that in regular schools, they cannot move ahead in areas that they really love while staying behind in the other areas. This is simply not permitted.

When looking at learning we need to acknowledge that modern children simply do not follow the trajectory we chose in the past when thinking about school. Some spend their early years as they excel at math since this is of interest to them. Then, at a later point in time, they might develop a deep love of literature. Kids develop interests at different times and when this happens, they want to spend their time divided between the things they really love, as opposed to having to do everything.

What few people understand is that children are much like adults that do work when thinking about becoming learned and obtaining information. Think about what you would be really good at right now. Isn’t it what you actually like and what you want to learn more about? The same thing is true for children. They do have their own affinities and will be interested in some things more than others. This is why children should be taught about the things they enjoy more.

The big mistake we do right now is that we try to teach children everything. There will be different things that the child will simply hate.

Keep in mind that in modern schooling the focus is put on some specific set milestones that the child needs to reach together with other children, all based on age. The interests of the child are ignored, all in favor of some specific set curriculums. Children are taught what adults think is best, no matter what actually works for the child. If the child is schooled in the regular system, not much is actually learned. This is not because of the teacher. The real problem stands in the system that is created.