Business Relocation: Choosing the Right Commercial Moving Company

Mention the term business relocation and most people only think about the huge corporates or established company changing offices. Even the relatively smaller businesses move, expanding to a bigger office or downsizing to a much smaller one. Whatever the case, involving movers New Jersey for the businesses move is the wisest idea. Moving a business will normally involve scouting a new location and researching the business implications of the move. But after all this, as the actual moving day approaches, the business owners have to look for the right moving company. Here are some questions to ask and points to consider when choosing.

Consider the cost

When relocating the business to a new location, the cost implications of the move will depend such factors as the distance and the size of the business. For businesses opening a new branch, the move might not be too large and can be spread over a long time. On the other hand, a complete relocation can be costly if not well planned out. Regardless of the size of the company moving, the moving company chosen should be able to provide affordable alternatives.


There are numerous moving companies in the market, and this calls for thorough research before settling. In the age of internet marketing, it is just as easy to find a reputable moving company as it is to get stuck with quacks. Anyone can claim to offer reliable moving services in an internet ad or website, but to find the best, be prepared to do the leg work.


Asking for referrals and references is a sure way of making the right choice. Ask business associates about moving companies they use or have used in the past. Even after getting a few moving company suggestions, ask them for names of companies they have moved in the past. Do not hesitate to call the suggested companies and ask about the moving experience they had.


Another way of finding the right company is to ask for certificates of credentials and certifications. Insurance details are especially useful in determining the trustworthiness of the company. Any serious moving company must be able to provide their clients with insurance proof that their company goods are covered. This will give clients confidence that they do not have to deal with claims by employees and property damage during the move. This is a basic requirement, and if it is not forthcoming then there could be signs of inexperience and poor history of safety. Companies like that should be avoided at all cost.

The company’s procedures must also be carefully reviewed. They cannot simply turn up on the day of the moving with a truck and boxes. There has to be some pre-moving survey. For them to understand the types of materials they will be dealing with, and the nature of the routes they will use, they must perform some due diligence. They must then submit the results of their survey together with their plan of action and the subsequent cost of the moving process. Without this, then they likely will mess up the moving process.