Buying Gold Bullion

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Investors looking to purchase Gold Bullion know it is a stable commodity and a great place to make long-term investments. Around the world countries continue to face challenging economic times. Gold bullion is a reliable hedge against this kind of instability.

For investors looking to buy bullion, there are many types you can purchase. Most importantly you need to find a broker who is well-respected with a proven client service record. Birch Gold Group, based in Burbank California enjoys an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Investing in gold is a long-term investment. It is one of the few commodities that resists inflation and remains consistent over time. Gold is typically a low-risk investment with the experts agreeing that a successful investment-allocation pyramid is built on a low-risk base that can include gold bullion.Gold is a great component for a new investor’s portfolio because of its low risk and stability.

What type of Bullion should you buy?

You have the choice of gold coins, gold jewelry, and even those gold bars.

Gold coins: Gold coins make great pirate booty, and they also make a great investment. It’s important to know what you are buying and the content of gold in each coin. Some coins are less than 90% pure gold while others are 92% or higher.

Gold bars: You’ve probably seen them stacked up in the vaults at the bank during the heist scene in the movie, but gold bars are a legitimate investment product. Gold bars are usually 99.5 to 99.99 percent fine, in other words, pure gold.

Gold jewelry: While some investors collect scrap gold, which is typically gold jewelry, these pieces are a better investment because they are not valued in addition for their workmanship. Gold jewelry marked 14 karats or less will need to be refined before it can be considered investment quality.

Find a source that sells gold bullion. Gold dealers, banks, and brokerage houses will typically sell both coins and bars. When choosing a dealer like Birch Gold Group, be sure to check how long they’ve been in business, whether they hold certifications in the industry or with any government body and in the investment activities they specialize.

Pay less than market price for gold. There are many online websites online that will give you current prices for gold and other precious metals. These prices fluctuate near daily so it is important to keep an eye on these numbers if you’re planning on making a substantial investment. Aim to buy your gold products below market value plus a 1% charge for a premium. Not there may be other charges when purchasing through a dealing including shipping and handling. Jewelry may include a buyers premium and sales tax.

Keeping it safe.After price, security is the most important consideration. A safety deposit box in a reputable bank is the safest and most recommended place to store your gold purchases.