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CABB GmbH is a foremost custom producer of preliminary materials, intermediates, and also active ingredients. It is a leading manufacturer of high-quality monochloroacetic acid; as well as a provider of the finest acceptable chemicals.

The company is small enough to emphasize attending customer enterprises, yet large enough to principal compound chemical synthesis. Clients benefit from the CABB GmbH manufacturing fineness, product excellence, the collaborative method to sourcing keys, and also the security of supply. So, let’s now know about the company in brief…

An overview Of The CABB GmbH Company:

An overview Of The CABB GmbH Company

CABB is an international leading chemicals corporation manufacturing precursors, active ingredients, and also intermediates. The company specifies the manufacture of separate molecules, precisely for specialty chemicals, the pharmaceutical, and agrochemicals industry. As a foremost manufacturer of high-quality monochloroacetic acid, the CABB gmbH also supplies complete chemical commerce with MCA as well as its derivatives.

It is a worldwide chemical gathering dynamic in chlorination, methylation, and also sulfonation. CABB supplies fundamental materials to clients in the agro-and-drug industry. These incorporate the fundamental item monochloroacetic corrosive (MCAA) and also its subsidiaries. In Specialty Chemicals, CABB supplies fine-chemical parts for added

  • substances,
  • makeup,
  • aromas and scents, and also
  • cleansers.

The organization was situated in Sulzbach has Taunus arisen in 2003 from the Swiss chemical gathering Clariant. The CABB Group, which incorporates Swiss CABB AG (some time ago SF-Chem AG), Indian Karnavati Rasayan Ltd., And the Finnish KemFine, utilizes 1,000 individuals worldwide and created a complete turnover of in excess of 400 million euros in 2012.

The monetary financial backer Bridgepoint claimed the organization from April 2011 to April 2014. From that point forward it has a place with the monetary financial backer Permira.

Production Sites Of CABB GmbH:

Production Sites Of CABB GmbH

The CABB Group has a sum of five creation locales. The biggest creation site is situated in Switzerland in Pratteln (close to Basel) in the previous plant of the previous SF-Chem. There, chlorine and sulfur reagents, middle-of-the-road items, and all the more profoundly refined auxiliary items are delivered.

In the German Knapsack close to Cologne, the organization works the world’s biggest plant for the creation of monochloroacetic corrosive as indicated by its own information. The second area in Germany where the company delivers its product is in Gersthofen (close to Augsburg), where chlorine, mono-, di-and also trichloroacetic corrosive, their esters, and also glycolic corrosive.

Ahmedabad is the biggest plant for the creation of mono chloroacetic corrosive in India. Since August 2011, Kokkola has been essential for the CABB GmbH Group in Finland. There, fine and also exceptional chemical items are for the most fabricate part for organizations of the agrochemical and also drug industry around the world.