CCTV system integrator in Dubai – UAE

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Some of the businesses in metropolis provide best security camera systems for homes and businesses in a metropolis and everyone across UAE. It provides end-to-end solutions within the field of security camera systems, Home Automation, data and telecommunication Technologies.

There is a number of the leading security camera systems company in metropolis equipped with a proactive manpower that gives various spectrum services adore it Solutions, Security solutions, Telephony solutions and residential automation solutions. Its innovative solutions are designed for each home and business enterprises still as tiny and medium-sized businesses.

DOS Tech’s core competence depends on providing advanced and customized security systems like CCTV security camera, IP Camera, Biometric Access management & Time group action Systems, security alarm systems etc. we offer a good form of CCTV security cameras, IP cameras,  Mobile DVRs, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Network Video Recorders (NVR), wireless security cameras, police investigation camera systems in Dubai etc. in metropolis – UAE.

DOME CAMERA – CCTV metropolis

Dome cameras are terribly compact in size and in the main used for indoor applications. Forms of dome cameras vary consistently with your necessities. If you would like night vision, below red dome camera is that the most suitable option. If you wish to use a camera in adverse conditions, you ought to take into account putting in associate vandal resistant dome camera.


Bullet cameras are named therefore attributable to its form and size. Bullet camera typically mounts to the face of a wall. Their weatherproof associated comes with a built-in housing. If you’re probing for a protracted vary camera, bullet camera is that the best choice.


CCTV Dubai security solutions could be a leader within the field of CCTV security cameras in Dubai, UAE. It offers box cameras with extreme top quality and leading performance. The lens of a box Kodak is detachable, so the lens is modified per your necessities. Commonly box cameras are utilized in money counters. Box cameras want a separate housing to shield it from an adverse atmospheric condition.


PTZ cameras can rotate (pan), incline (tilt) or focus nearer on objects of interest (zoom).The name PTZ reflects the movements of the camera. This camera is remotely controlled. Usually, PTZ cameras are utilized in sensitive areas. It offers best prices for PTZ security cameras in Dubai – UAE.


CCTV Bullet camera is employed in adverse environmental conditions as a result of it comes with an inbuilt housing. IP66 rated weather proof protects bullet camera from temperature, humidity, dust etc. DOS techs offer an honest form of configurations in IP bullet security cameras in Dubai.


CCTV Cube cameras are named therefore as a result of its cube form. These kinds of cameras are primarily utilized in a home and indoor IP CCTV applications. Because of its tiny and slim size, it goes well with the study surroundings. Because of its high performance, particularly in low light-weight conditions, it is contemplate as next generation information processing camera.