Changing with the times, Capitol Federal Savings Bank at 95th and Nall gets a facelift.

 Renovations are underway on the Capitol Federal Savings Bank at 95 th Street and Nall Avenue in Overland Park. The project is expected to be completed by October.



An Overland Park bank known for its blue tiles and 1960s-era architecture is getting a fresh look after nearly 50 years. The new incarnation calls for plenty of blue, but the tiles will disappear.

“We wanted to keep the old bones, the old shape and form and location, but put a new contemporary skin for today’s modern times,” said Kevin Harden, principal at Gastinger Walker Harden architects.

Renovations for Capitol Federal Savings Bank at 95th Street and Nall in Overland Park are underway. The project is expected to be completed by October 2016. The bank has remained open for business since the project’s start in January and will remain so during its 10-month renovation, said Ken Scott, director of facilities at Capitol Federal. Most of the work to date has been on the inside, but motorists driving by will soon see something new when they look up. Contemporary blue-tinted windows will dominate most of the four-story’s exterior. The original concrete aggregate will be repurposed.

“You will see cranes there in the next 45 to 60 days,” Scott said. “The windows will become what you see. Aggregate becomes an accent piece.”

Updates for the 48-year-old building have been minimal through the years, Scott said. After years of use, the building was showing its age. It needed new mechanical, electrical and life safety systems, Scott said. The bank looked at a number of options, including selling and relocating. Capitol Federal decided to stay and remodel. The bank has longtime ties to the community, Scott said. It was a significant building in Johnson County and Overland Park at the time it was built in 1967, he said.

“It was a very large presence when it was built,” Scott said. “We appreciate the history of the area. That’s why we decided to restore the building rather than relocate someplace else.”

The inside space will see significant changes, Scott said, especially on the first floor, where retail banking is done. On the retail side you will no longer see a teller line. Bank employees will meet customers at individual pod type stations to assist them with most of their banking needs. Lending services will be conducted on the other side. The new first-floor configuration is designed to be open, modern and customer-friendly, Scott said, reflecting a new banking strategy.

“We believe it will be more convenient for our customers,” Scott said. “We believe that you will be able to establish a deeper relationship with our employees.”

The other floors have been repurposed, as well. The second floor will house the marketing department, Capitol Agency Insurance and administrative teams for lending and retail operations for Capital Federal’s 22 Kansas City area banks. The third floor will serve as an employee meeting space, break room, training center and corporate space. The fourth floor, formerly a lending and retail administration space will be vacant, possibility to lease in the future. This is Capitol Federal’s second major renovation, Scott said. The home office in Topeka was renovated in 2013.

“We did that exact same thing with the corporate office in Topeka — had it restored to modern technology and amenities of 2015,” he said.

A branch bank at 87th and Santa Fe in Overland Park also will undergo construction this year. The 1968 two-building branch bank will be torn down and replaced with a contemporary structure in the same site.

“The renovations of Capitol Federal’s offices at 95th and Nall and 87th and Santa Fe are centered on new technologies which are all about maximizing the efficiency of the Bank’s interactions through staff who can assist customers on all facets of their banking relationships,” said Rod Martin, first vice president-eastern regional director of operations.







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