Published On: Tue, May 2nd, 2017

Choosing the Right Location for Your Baler or Compactor

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Adding a baler or compactor is a way to bring the ultimate waste management plan to your facility. Finding the right spot to place the equipment is equally important. This type of equipment needs to have plenty of space to operate and be well-maintained.

Will It Hamper Access to and From Your Facility?

Placing balers and compactors near loading docks is fine, but keep in mind the space needed for them to operate. Check and see if the location in any way impedes the flow of products in, or out of your facility. You do not want to end up making your job even harder to do with bad placement of equipment. Take the proper measurements before settling on the location.

Is There Enough Overhead Space to Operate Equipment Safely?

Vertical balers and compactors need a little headroom to operate properly. Find out the minimum height needed to operate the equipment correctly. You do not want to end up with a damaged roof, or destroying the equipment. You can always opt to have a model that is not vertical if the overhead area is too small. Allow for a little clearance room so that the operation is smooth and the baler or compactor does not build up heat from being in cramped quarters.

Is There Adequate Room for Repairs?

Repairs and maintenance are both expected and necessary. There needs to be enough room for a technician to be able to work on any component of the equipment. It is important to look after the safety of the individuals that will be servicing the balers and compactors. Have at least two meters of clearance on each side, when possible.

Will You Be Adding Space Consuming Accessories?

A conveyance system is desired in many location to make the job of getting waste to the compactor easier and more centralized. These conveyors can take up a lot of space. Find out how much additional available area you will need to accommodate the extras.

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