Most Common Home Places People Forget To Decorate

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Decorating one’s home is a highly subjective matter but everyone wants to be sure that the entire property looks as great as possible. Homeowners often select quality bedroom linens, re-arrange family room furniture and all the places that are seen every single day.

The focus on what is seen is a problem though because it is so easy to end up with numerous places that are overlooked. Do you think: how do I sell my St Louis house fast? Taking care of all overlooked areas and decorating them is a great place to start.

Laundry Rooms

The laundry room is built as a functional space but this does not just mean you cannot make it look great. Some really simple additions are going to make this room a lot better. As an example, how about adding some decorative baskets on your wall shelves? They can hide dryer sheets or stain sticks. Alternatively, open shelving can be covered or your hampers can be kept under counters. Hiding something behind curtains is always a really good idea.

Outdoor Spaces

Most people tend to forget the outdoor spaces as they look for DIY home decorating projects. There is a pretty good chance that you take good care of your plant flowers and lawn. This should continue. What is often neglected is home façade. The garage doors, for instance, will normally not be at all checked and they can end up looking old. Decorations are rarely taken into account. Think about creative solutions to transform the garage door into a design feature.

Home Offices

The home office is a great space that is so often designed while thinking about function as opposed to appearance. The space can be more productive and inspiring when surrounded in a really great design scheme. What you can always do is choose something that is in a color that will match home office mood. As examples, yellow is boosting creativity and green is calming. The home office should never have clutter because it will be distracting while working and you want your chairs to be comfortable and stylish. Decorative accents can always be added to increase motivation while working.


Some homeowners are lucky as the entryway features an architectural feature that can attract guests, like a foyer. When the entryway is small though, there is no draw. The entryway is so often filled with coats, shoes and other elements that should not be there, similarly to a home’s main entry. Decorating the space is something that should focus on aesthetics and functionality.

A minimum recommendation is to buy small furniture that properly combines overhead hooks and a chest. This allows easy storage for coats and shoes while also being attractive. Small tables with a mirror can also be taken into account since they make small spaces feel much bigger.

Final Thoughts

Always do your best to be creative and do take the overall theme of the home into account. The internet is a great place to shop for new items and you are going to love working with a  designer if you have the budget.