A Complete Guide of Tools for Online Writing

Online blogging is the new age trend for revenue generation using the web. Blogs of weblogs are basically personal online journals. These can be written for the public and updated continuously. Online blogging (including academic blogging) is very popular in an age of social media marketing. Popular blogs do influence politics, society and businesses and this explains why information about tools that can support this exercise is important. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRTXkkoxDSk

Hemingway: This app is useful because it lets you check your writing to ensure it is readable. So, you can copy and paste the text you have written and use this app to analyze it. It will highlight complex and extra-long sentences and other common grammatical errors. A sentence marked in yellow should ideally be split further while a sentence in red needs editing. The app will even give you hints. For example, weakening phrases and adverbs get highlighted in blue, while those in passive voice in green. You can use the “write” button to compose something new. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvCPuiSxZCk

Plot Generator: This online writing app need not be downloaded or bought. As the name suggests, this online writing tool is a huge help for bloggers. It features many generators for a variety of projects like creative writing, campaigns, and lyrics for songs and even letters. When you have picked your category, you will be given a list of multiple options for developing your writing. The app randomizes four key story aspects, namely, premise, details, complication and objective. It is free and in-depth and perfect for letting your creativity flow freely.

The Brainstormer: This app is designed for the creative mind; it is a tactile tool which randomly combines plots, subjects and setting styles. This creation from Tapnik is useful for both writing projects and art projects, helping to inspire all creative individuals. The feature-rich app lets you choose between wheel and slot modes to get endless combinations. By manipulating three spinning wheels, you can create combinations which will offer incredible prompts for any type of creative work. Even some weird topics like ‘spending a fortnight in jungle made me good at selling’ was brain stormed using this tool. You could create completely new scenarios or tweak the built-in lists by editing the Character Builder and Word Builder wheels.

Oflow: The app can let your creative juices flow by offering you more than 150 creative prompts. It lets you think out of the box and perfectly designed for inspirations on-the-spot. The Oflow app will provide you with features like daily creativity reminders, note keeping, bookmarking favorite ideas, sharing ideas through emails, Twitter and Facebook and even exporting these to Evernote. The inspiration-generation app will work on both iPhones and iPads.

Writing Challenge- Creative Prompts and Ideas:

This unique game will provide you with creative prompts that can help you successfully combat a writer’s block. When you press the “Start” button, the app sends you the first prompt so that you can start a story. Every minute thereafter a new prompt is sent to help you develop the plot further. You can improve your writing skills, enjoy the journey of writing, get inspired and disregard creative blocks.

Help me Write: One of the most interesting apps that let you cater to your audience’s wishes without directly asking them is the Help me Write app. So, you first create a profile and then post ideas that you may have on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can ask your audience what it prefers to read about; once you know the popular choice, you can get down to it at once.Similar to this idea, you can find some good online writing experts on popular writing websites as well, but my suggestion would be to check their reviews before ordering with them. There is no doubt that their work will always better than any software, but you need to be cautious.

Power Thesaurus: Unlike the regular thesaurus, this is a free and fast online thesaurus that will offer alternative words from a writer’s community. So, all words suggested are completely original. These have been compiled by editorial teams of writers and based upon many years of suggestions. It combines powers of crowd sourcing and modern web-usability to build an online thesaurus for helping users looking for the most relevant words. So, Power Thesaurus enjoys a stronger focus on presenting clean content and is able to narrow down lists through topic filters.

Listly: This tool offers a clean and simple interface for making and saving lists. So, you can type whatever you need to remember; you will be able to locate it at any time. You get to create new items using a single tap and add priorities to the lists. You can collect links, collaborate with your friends, and share interests by publishing lists on the site or in blogs. Lists make for great content; they make for easy reading and you can update them conveniently. You can invite your audiences to contribute to the lists.

The most amazing thing about being a writer is that there is always room for improvement. This explains why writers sit with a draft for days on end because every time they scan it, they find something new they can add to make it better. Besides these above-mentioned online tools which can be a bloggers’ delight, there are plenty of other resources which you can use for writing.

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