Published On: Fri, May 12th, 2017

How To Crack JEE Advanced In One Month

It’s exam season and the competition is getting stiffer year by year as the number of students appearing for these exams is also increasing every year. But despite the lakhs of students appearing and qualifying for exams like the JEE Advanced, only a handful qualify for the top colleges. For IIT aspirants, the screening process is an agony but it is an agony that they will have to endure in order to be able to get admission into some of the most prestigious engineering institutes in the country. An Act of Parliament has actually recognised the IITs as “institutes of national importance”! The question all these IIT-aspiring students have is – how to beat the competition and land in a good college? After months, and probably years, of preparation (or lack thereof), it all boils down to exam taking strategy, that is, how you perform in those final 3 hours. Nervousness, over-confidence, panic, fear, etc. are all behavioural problems that affect a student’s performance. And a single wrong answer can bring your rank down by thousands! Now with just a few days left for the JEE Advanced, the goal should be to improve score within this limited time by way of revision and tests.

You have a little under a month to prepare for JEE Advanced and the following preparation tips will show you how to crack JEE Advanced in one month.

How to crack JEE Advanced in one month?

The first thing you need to know is that smart work is the way to go. You may think that hard work will pay off and it does, but smart work pays better and faster! Think about it: you have one month left and over 11000 concepts that you need to nail. The smart way to go about it is to identify the important concepts first. From there, you start with the ones that are your favourite or the ones you’re actually good at. This will help you narrow down faster and will simultaneously boost your confidence. Then we move on to the ones that are still important but specifically ones that you struggle a little bit. But you know these are do-or-die topics so you can’t risk not preparing them. Spend more time on these as you need to grasp them better so as to retain them longer.

Remember to play to your strengths. Do not overdo, else you will end up forgetting the ones you already know! Another thing to remember is that while some of your weaknesses need you to work upon and improve, not all require that. If you are struggling with a particular topic that carries very low weightage and is also hardly ever asked in JEE Advanced previous years papers, then you should learn to direct your time and effort to something more noteworthy!

If you have spent the last few months preparing for this exam, you should also trust in the fact that you are ready for this. You have done all that can be done. All you need is faith and a few hacks!