Published On: Sat, Apr 1st, 2017

Deca Durobolin – Knowing it better

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Anabolic type steroids are still legal to use and its legality depends on the place where the individual buys. The law for the availability of the steroids is different in every country. Some countries are friendly with anabolic steroids while some have strict violation rules for any type of steroids.

It is said that the athletes face cramps and joints pains due to intense workouts are relieved by the use of this drug. Using Deca Durobolin reduces joint pain and other pain that might be caused by any injuries. At the same time, it is not believed to cause any side effects. Deca durobolin is also known also known as nandrolone decabolate; it works very well when it comes to gaining and strength muscles.

How does Deca Durobolin work?

Nitrogen retention is the next best benefit of using this steroid. That is why there will be lean muscle gain both at high and low doses.

A study has been proved that there will be at least a kilo or half kilo lean muscle gain by following the dose of 200 mg per week and 65 mg a week respectively. Along with increase in body weight there will also be improvement in cardiovascular fitness levels. Better results can be achieved at higher doses. For gaining muscle the average dose recommended is 400- 600 mg a week. However, it is always better to understand the dosage for medical reasons before getting started.

Medical application of nandrolone decabolate

Patients with chronic conditions and who under wasting muscle in the course of the disease are prescribed nandrolone which helps in the regeneration of blood cells in the body in turn create muscle gain in patients who are malnourished. It has also been used as contraceptive as it is progestin based compound. The best part is that it has minimal effects on the liver, skin irritation, acne or hair loss. That’s why it’s a great choice for many to get that fab body. It has been used for weakness and fatigue that is prevalent during old age, anaemia, and burn victims have immensely benefited due to the cell regeneration properties, various forms breast cancer are also treated. It has been used to treat ulcers, pituitary dwarfism and also some developmental retardation in children which are congenital in nature. It has made a huge significance in the treatment of osteoporosis. But initially this drug was used to treat only HIV muscle wasting syndrome and anemia. But recently many studies have shown that this drug has the potential for many treatment solutions that were unheard for of in the past.

What is nandrolone decabolate stacked with

Nandrolone decabolate is stacked with testosterone cypionate, anadrol, dianabol, testosterone enanthate, testosterone suspension, sustanon 250.

Side effects of nandrolone decabolate

it is has be noted that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid this medication. It should be kept out of reach of children. The side effects of ingesting nandrolone decabolate are edema, bloating, male breasts, heart attack, menstrual problems, prostate enlargement etc.