Published On: Fri, Jun 15th, 2018

5 Steps to Scrapping Your Junk Car

The lifespan of the average roadworthy American car has increased to just over 12 years, and that age is to increase even more as new, more expensive vehicles enter the market. With over 253 million cars on US roads, one thing is certain: a lot of vehicles are literally running on fumes. Over 80% of a car can be recycled and the remaining 20% is deposited in landfills as auto shredder residue (ASR). But why not just sell your car outright to another driver? Well, if it’s in decent enough condition and you can easily secure a buyer, go for it. Of course, that’s not an easy option with an obvious junk car. Fortunately, a simple car can help you sell your junk car for cash today… once you’ve taken the following five steps to scrapping your junk car.

Obtain or Collect the Necessary Documents

You won’t need to jump through hoops or scale tall buildings in a single bound to get cash on the spot for your junk car. But you will need to prove ownership. That means you’ll need to access, retrieve, or obtain the title and ensure it’s in your name or the name of the person transferring the vehicle. Legally, scrap yards cannot buy a vehicle from anyone but the car owner.

Remove Your License Plates and Cancel Your Insurance

Governmental rules can change with the weather. So check your local DMV for their regulations on license plate transferring. Whether you’re able to transfer to another car or they need those turned back in, you’ll still need to remove them from the junk car. Also be sure to cancel your insurance policy on that vehicle to avoid paying insurance premiums on a scrapped vehicle.

Clear the Vehicle of All Your Personal Items

Your car can act like a second home, or at least a storage locker. Once it’s no longer your property there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to retrieve the things you left behind. So make sure you clear your vehicle of all important items, documents, and possessions. Check under the seats, in the glove box, and don’t forget the trunk. Clearing it completely out is far better than losing something important or valuable to the shredder.

Remove and Sell or Reuse Valuable Components

Your car may be old, but your components may still be valuable. Have you upgraded your stereo or GPS system? Did you recently replace mats, seat covers, a new battery, or headlights? Carefully consider the upgrades made on your vehicle and make a checklist to see what can be salvaged prior to the trade-off. These items can either transfer to another vehicle or potentially be sold as gently used items elsewhere to pad your wallet even more.

Deliver Your Vehicle Or Call Us to Schedule a Free Tow

Once your vehicle is documented, cleaned out, and all necessary components are salvaged or accounted for, give us a call. You may still be able to drive it in, but if not don’t worry. We can provide a free tow to the agreed upon pickup point so you can get cash on the spot for your junk car.