Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Business Litigation in a Nutshell

What exactly is business litigation and what can a litigation attorney help you with? If this question has been eating away at your mind, then you are in the right place. Corporate litigation is legalese for using the court to resolve a dispute between two parties in matters about non-compliance with the business law and etiquette. Like President Warring G. Harding once said, in America, business is business, and legal institutions are keen on keeping this maxim true.

No other nation has a stronger commitment to a free market than the United States. The figures from the Small Business Administration (SBA) fully agree with this, showing well over 30 million registered small companies in the U.S. The figure represents over 99 percent of all employer businesses in the country.

Even though it’s inevitable that big corporations make all the headlines in court, most of the lawsuits against business establishments affect small companies because there are so many of them. These lawsuits and consequent proceedings are what people refer to as corporate litigation. Therefore, all incidents of breach of contract, fraud, malpractice and class action lawsuits fall under the domain of business litigations.

Who Do You Call When your Claim Falls under Business Legislation

Although the law is supposed to be blind, most businesses on the wrong end of a claim are often cast as villains. It doesn’t matter if the case is about a defective seat, food contamination or improper safety measures; companies get the short end of the stick, and for good reason too. Companies are supposed, and obligated under the law, to ensure they take all precautions necessary to ensure their customers are not in any way exposed to danger or the possibility of loss. Failure to do this often leads to court cases and large settlements awarded to plaintiffs.

Therefore, ifyou entered into a contract with let’s say, a stock broker, and the broker ends up causing you financial loss, you should seek the help of a litigation attorney. With a lawyer’s assistance, you can recover sums lost as a result of the stock broker’s professional misconduct. There are several instances where you can file a claim while working with a stock broker:

  • When your broker coerces you to invest in a risky investment knowing full well you cannot afford to take that risk.
  • When your broker misrepresents an investment opportunity or omits details about the investment leading to a consequent loss on your account.
  • When your broker transacts business on your account without your knowledge.

There are many more instances where you should seek the help of a litigation attorney. For instance, if you purchased and used medication that was later found to be harmful to your health, you should file a claim against the company that makes the drug with the help of your lawyer.

The job of the litigation solicitor is to ensure that you are compensated for the loss arising from business misconduct. Talk to one today to find out if your claim falls under their jurisdiction.