Find Out Which One Will Get You a Promotion – Distance MBA Or Part Time MBA?

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Both part time MBA and distance MBA are opted for by working professionals who wish to pursue the degree without compromising on the existing job. Both have their own set of pros and cons and one has to carefully evaluate which suits them the best. Primarily, the time one can devote to the course and their work hours dictate the choice between the two. This article analyses the advantages and disadvantages of both the modes, for making an informed choice.

Part time MBA

Part time MBA is offered by many prestigious universities across the country including the IIMs. Some universities call the program an executive part time MBA. The design of the course is very much the same as the full time MBA, but the class room sessions are held on the weekends or in the evening during weekdays. Since, the contact hours are during the weekends, the duration of the course term is a little longer, mostly upto three years. Usually, this program is taken up by candidates with at least two years of work experience in their domain. Therefore, even the best part time MBA in India program does not come with placement assistance.

Distance MBA

The distance education in India has come a long way since 1962, in terms of technology and connectivity. The distance MBA program is entirely a correspondence based long distance program that does not require the candidate to physically attend classes. Again, the course material is at par with the regular MBA and is usually administered to the students through E-learning modules, presentations, lecture videos and virtual classroom sessions. A good internet and computer is the primary requirement for pursuing the distance MBA. Usually, the duration of the course is for two years.

The duration of the course and flexibility of time and place that comes with distance MBA is a boon to those who have constraints in relocating for the sake of anMBA. Housewives, businessmen and working professionals usually choose distance mode for pursuing their MBA.

The part time MBA program, which requires candidates to adjust their work hours in order to attend the classes, is seen as a more beneficial option in terms of recognition by the employer. The credibility of the part time MBA, however, is majorly dependent upon the certifying university. The regular opportunity to interact with peers from other organisation gives a great opportunity for networking.

In summary, the part time MBA is a great option for those who can afford to spend the time for it along with their work schedule. An MBA through a distance education program is a more convenient options when other work-life demands have to be met.