Five men who robbed currency exchange shops in Delhi arrested: Police

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Nine days after two men who used to run a currency exchange shop in south Delhi’s Mahipalpur were shot at inside their shop, police on Thursday claimed to have arrested five men for the crime.

Police said the five men are part of a gang that primarily targets currency exchange shops in Delhi and were involved in four cases of robbery, attempt to robbery, and firing at such outlets. Police identified the five men as Veer Bahadur Yadav, alleged kingpin of the gang from Deoria in Uttar Pradesh, Pankesh Kumar from Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba, Sunil Kumar, from Gopalganj in Bihar, Ajab Singh and Asif Ali, both from Uttar Pradesh.

Deputy commissioner of police (southwest) Devendra Arya said the gang had committed two robberies of R27 lakh and R8 lakh in at different money exchange shops in Karol Bagh.

Yadav’s interrogation revealed that his two brother are working abroad and they send money to their family through forex money changers for which he often visited Delhi.

“Yadav found that money exchange offices keep a lot of cash in foreign currency, which is easily exchangeable anywhere in India. He found that committing robbery at such shops are not risky, he included his friends and began targeting exchange offices,” said Arya, adding they spent the robbed money to buy expensive clothes, electronic gadgets and splurged on parties.