Food Delivery Apps make Parents Life Easy

Food delivery is probably the most searched for keyword on the web. This new norm of getting to eat has definitely changed the landscape of food business for ever. There was a time when eating in a restaurant was considered fashionable. There are families that dedicate Sunday evenings exclusively for dining out. They see it as a time to bond, chill out and spend some casual time together.

The spirit of dining out is intact, the locations have changed. They have gone online now! Where families booked tables at restaurants for casual time out, they are now busy doing the same thing at home or a location that is not necessarily a restaurant.

I recently attended a birthday party. The theme was sports in Italy. Naturally one would expect the menu to be authentic Italian food. But since it was also about sports in Italy, the party was hosted in the environs of Decathlon, a popular sports retailer with chain outlets in many metros of India. The kids turned up for the event in all kinds of costumes that they considered Italian sports material. Boy, I wonder if any of it is close to the actual sports in Italy. But, who really cares for these minor details amidst a bunch of kids having a gala time in a birthday party. Plus, they had their favorite food to eat – Italian food. Personally, I think the party was structured around the food more than the theme!

A casual chat with the parents of the Bday boy revealed that all this out of the box thinking for the party was possible purely because of online food delivery apps. As working parents, they hardly have the time after work hours to plan out an elaborate party. At the same time they do not have the money to splurge on expensive event managers. They chose the route of putting together the theme according to their child’s liking and dished out authentic Italian food through food delivery apps. It came as a pleasant surprise to me that all this planning out happened during their commute to and fro work. These guys are great at time management for sure. They are also brilliant at using services of Swiggy, Freshmenu and the likes to the best of their ability.

This is the case of one particular parental case. But I am sure there are many parents out there who are breathing easy because of food apps. No matter how much parents love their kids, there is a limitation to the physical abilities and exertion parents can undergo in keeping their kids happy. Unlike the past, kids these days are exposed to more choices. They have more information. Sometimes more than what parents know too. In such demanding and dynamic times of growing up as a kid, food apps definitely are making life for parents a little more easy.