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Frip Finishing Ltd

FRIP Finishing Ltd is in the lead of finishing and packaging services in the UK for more than 45 years now. From offering hot foil stamping to embossing services the company has settled to be a vital part of the print and packaging industry of the UK. Now offering the broadest variety of finishing services and sheet-fed lamination accessible to the UK’s market.

An Overview Of FRIP Finishing Ltd:

An Overview Of FRIP Finishing Ltd

The company started in 1970 in Scotland as Influence Printing Company Ltd providing MICR ribbons and Cheque printing gear to the safety printing industry in the UK. Through their participation in the security production industry, they were presented to hot foil stamping through its early modernizations in signature tiles for credit cards. Starting from these roots we derived the name “Foil Ribbon And Impact Printing Group Ltd” through which they have established the FRIP Finishing brand recognized by the printing industry now.

FRIP Finishing Ltd gained its knowledge in embossing and Hot foil stamping through checking the extravagance packing supplies of the whisky industry from Scottish, built near Glasgow they quickly became recognized as specialists within Scotland checking the requirements of the packaging, print, and publishing markets. In the year 1981, the company gained the title of the 1st corporation in Europe to print a profitable hot foil hologram.

Currently, they have the widest variety of hot foil stamping and sheet-fed lamination resources in the UK, processing in additional of 100 million sheets B1 as well as above yearly. The company continues to be influential in its sector through investment and constant innovation in staff and equipment.

Operating from 5 UK sites the FRIP Finishing Ltd provides plenty of innovative and traditional laminations, decorative finishes, coatings, and especially boards and papers. Throughout history, the company has continually sought modernization and has set ideals within its industry.

Services Provided By The FRIP Finishing Ltd:

Services Provided By The FRIP Finishing Ltd

The company offers functional and decorative solutions to protect, enhance, or add a 3D to the print needs or packaging. FRIP Finishing Ltd immodesties itself in providing its customers a professional package backed up with over 45 years of experience. Here is a list of their products and services…

  1. Sheet-Fed Lamination
  2. Window Lamination
  3. Metal Paper
  4. Finishing and Coatings
  5. Hot Foil Blocking & Embossing

Sheet-Fed Lamination

FRIP Finishing Ltd is the biggest provider of sheet-took care of Lamination administrations In The UK to the bundling business. They have best-in-class hardware empowering them to react to your requirement for quick turnaround while additionally being able to attempt expert cover and nonstandard sheet sizes, up to a most extreme sheet size of 1040x1420mm.

The organization offers a scope of customary overlay administrations, like Silk and Matt OPP movies, Gloss, and they offer a scope of cover administrations to the bundling business including PET overlay or Food Grade hindrance assurance. Its answers incorporate usefulness, for example, heat sealable, ovenable, microwaveable, and anti-fog.

What’s more, special to FRIP, is the wide scope of food-affirmed and ecologically capable glues that when coordinated to your overlay film prerequisite guarantees reasonableness for use in food bundling. Biodegradable or also recyclable film alternatives are accessible.

Window Lamination

Window overlay can be applied both inside and remotely to any pack and has various advantages over more customary style window fixing. A first for the UK market Window Lamination is a progressive better approach to flaunt your item while keeping your bundling as ecologically capable as could really be expected.

The film makes a food-safe boundary between the board and item so taking out the requirement for

  • Sacks,
  • Window fixing, or
  • PE board.

And sometimes, the film gorgeously upgrades the pack and gives added assurance to both item and bundling.

Metal Paper

Metal Paper provides an innovative Metpol lamination facility to the UK print marketplace for all sorts of packaging claims. The corporation holds UK stock of Matt Silver, Gold Metpol, and Bright Silver for lamination to any Paper or also Board.

The company has a status in the marketplace for its high quality, short lead times, friendly service, and also versatility. The products offered by them are as follows…

  • Stock Finishes
  • Holographic Finishes
  • Tinted Metpol and also
  • Mirror Cards

Finishing and Coatings

FRIP Finishing Ltd also provides a variety of carton services and traditional finishing enabling its customers to deliver a one-stop facility for the printing purpose which needs finishing after embellishment.

The company is able to coordinate as well as finish the printed copy concluded to final creation, pack as well as distribute for the customer. Each of these added processes praises the decoration facilities that they provide:

  • Cutting
  • Guillotining
  • Benchwork
  • Spot Varnishing
  • Pick and Place
  • Window Patching and also
  • Carton Glueing

Hot Foil Blocking & Embossing

Foil blocking client base covers all steps of the artistic process from product owners and creators through to

  • Profitable printers
  • Carton houses, and also
  • Publishers,

All this praise by a devoted team on the lookout for providing you with the uppermost levels of client service.

The company has constantly sought modernization and has set ideals within its industry. They are proud of their role as the leader of the print industry. As they are developing as well as pushing the margins in the utilization of foil. FRIP Finishing Ltd’s techniques consist of:

  • Single level and also sculptured embossing
  • Flat foiling and also Foil Embossing
  • Security Micro Embossing
  • Textured and also Photo etch Foiling