Getting a Career in Politics Started

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There are many people who are not sure which career path to follow when they are in high school. They talk to career counselors to get advice regarding this very important decision. However, they still find it very difficult to settle on a career path that they feel will be rewarding to them in the long run. You might be in this same situation right now. If this is the case, you should take a look at the benefits that a political career can give to you. You might discover that you are ideally suited for a career in politics. Here is what you need to do in order to get on your way to holding an elected office as a politician.

1. You need to be involved in the student council of your high school.

You might want to think about running for class president. At the very least, you should have some sort of position in the student council. This will give you a small taste of what it is like to work as a politician. You will attend meetings with other members of the student council and vote on various issues that have a direct impact on your high school. This is a great extracurricular activity to put on your college application.

2. Carefully consider your college major.

The vast majority of politicians have at least a bachelor’s degree. Many people prefer to vote for a person who has graduated from college. There are some exceptions to this. However, going to college is something that will be in your best interests if you are seriously thinking about a career in politics. Becoming a political science major would be an obvious choice for your undergraduate degree. Going to graduate school and getting a law degree is something that many politicians do. Having a law background will give you the knowledge you need to write bills that contain legal language. These bills are voted on and turned into laws if they are passed. Senator Mike Crapo attended law school at Harvard. Mike Crapo has said that his legal education has been a valuable asset during his long political career.

3. You will need to become a good public speaker.

Speaking in public might be something you are not very skilled at. However, this will need to change if you have any hope of becoming a successful politician. This is because politicians need to give speeches in front of large gatherings of people very often. You will need to start by giving speeches to people during your campaign. You will need to be very confident during your speeches in order to convince these people to vote for you. You must speak clearly and loudly during your speeches. Stuttering and mumbling while you are talking will certainly not get you any votes. There are classes that will teach you the art of public speaking. They are available at most colleges.

4. Apply for internships where you can work for successful politicians.

Being an intern for a politician while you are in college will teach you many things about how government works that you will not be able to learn in a classroom. You will be able to see what politicians do on a daily basis.