The Growing Demand for Notary Services

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Businesses worldwide are taking note of the benefits of using notary services for many aspects of their document management. Being able to prove, without question, that documents have been signed by the appropriate parties can save time and money on possible litigation. Below are a few of the reasons that the popularity of notary services has spiked in recent years.

Avoiding Identity Theft

Notary services are one way to ensure that you do not suffer any type of identity fraud with documents. Requiring a notary to verify and witness a legal signature is a way to guarantee, even from a long-distance sale, or transaction, that the person needing to sign has done so. A notary public is a bonded agent for the state, assigned the task of making sure the signatures done in their presence are true, accurate and verified to be the individual stated.

Corporate Self-Authenticating Documents

An increasing number of businesses and corporations are turning to notary services as a way of creating self-authenticating documents. This is a semi-legalese term that means courts will accept signed papers without question if there is a case dependent on these types of documents as proof for one side, or the other. It has become a more proactive way to manage business legal matters. Preparation for litigation is a much preferred way to handle all large negotiated deals, such as mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing, or logistical contracts.

Signatures Free of Duress

Documents signed without the presence of a notary public may, or may not have been made under duress. There is no way of knowing without this valuable service. There have been instances where people have been bullied, harassed and coerced into signing legal documents. Employing the use of a notary service is one way to prove, beyond any doubt, that the person in question did the signature willingly, free of duress, or force. This is another legal protection that many companies are beginning to employ as a way to reduce incidences of false accusations and unnecessary litigation.

Oaths and Legal Declarations

A little-known-service of notaries is the ability to witness the taking of an oath or legal declaration. This is important for business that is handled in two different locations. The individual will swear to their statement or promise being true and correct, while the notary verifies the individual and witnesses the ensuing signature that seals the oath, or declaration.

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