Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

Guide to cyber protection – Cyware app

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Recently, India has suffered a massive ATM card breach which resulted in data breach of 3.2 million debit/credit card details. Such incidents make us wonder if we are at all safe? Is our money secured? Well, many cyber security companies, security analysts and cyber security experts are working relentlessly to make the networks, devices and accounts secure from hackers. However, that is not enough. Your network system and devices are only as secure as you are! If the end user (here, you!) doesn’t follow the necessary cyber hygiene; your accounts and information is bound to get hacked by criminals. But how do we do our part in securing the internet? By making ourselves cyber aware. Cyber awareness is having information and knowledge about everything that is happening in the cyber world – various breaches, new malware, advanced technologies and acts of hackers and hacker groups. To attain this, you need to be up-to-date with cyber security news and articles. But screening the newspapers everyday, trying to find the right, relevant security-related news is very difficult. Here’s where Cyware comes into the picture. The app – available in both Android and iOS – brings to you all stories, blog posts and articles related to cyber security in a summarized fashion. Cyware app publishes latest events, recent cyber attacks, new malware – everything that is required to keep users informed about cyber security. Not just news, the app also brings forth interesting tweets, expert blogs and analysis, glossary and less-known facts.

Data breaches caused a lot of damage to institutions and individuals alike – in terms of revenue, reputation and opportunity. With each new technology coming into the market, a new threat is arising. With each new security measures being taken against cyber criminals, they are coming up with more sophisticated threat methods and malware to attack the systems and steal money. Take the IoT (Internet of Things) market for example. IoT ensured that everything in our homes, ranging from our security cameras, the cars we drive and even our washing machines are connected to the internet. These devices collect a wide range of data about our personal lives. When do we wake up, where we drive to everyday, what we eat and even the days we do laundry – all data that can give deep insights into your psychology – that has the capacity to make you predictable, vulnerable and exposed. Now, imagine one of these devices getting hacked and the data falling into the wrong hands. To avoid falling victims to such attacks, users must know how to act under such situations. Cyware publishes news under different categories including ‘Recent Breaches’, ‘Threat Actors and Threat Methods’, ‘Mobile Security’ and ‘Social Media Threats’ etc., – so that users can find out the news story most relevant to them without much ado. In today’s world, it is very much important to keep yourself cyber safe. Stay informed, stay safe!