Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2018

How can you ace JEE keeping in mind the new format of the exam?

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Besides acquiring a fair percentile in the Class XII board exams, it is important for young engineering aspirants who wish to bag that prestigious seat in one of the IITs, NITs and other technical institutes to ace IIT JEE entrance exam with flying colours. And now, since NTA will conduct JEE Main exam from 2019 onwards, students find themselves in limbo. But, say NO to worries as the syllabus so far has not changed. However, the test will be conducted by NTA in an Online Test Mode two times a year.

It can be an opportunity for students who, due to some lacuna cannot perform better in the previous one. They get another chance to excel in the same year. The IIT JEE entrance exams are mainly structured with respect to testing the student’s aptitude and analytical, logical and reasoning skills. It is essential that aspirants plan their JEE preparations in the right way in order to ace the exam. We have provided with some important tips and tricks that will make your examination journey a cakewalk.

Start Early to Take the Lead

Let’s be very honest, the JEE Main exam has a vast syllabus and preparing for the exam along with our board exams is not so easy. So, one must begin preparation from Class 11. The students who consider themselves as future IITians have a plan in mind. Right from very beginning, an aspirant must put out-most dedication and effort. And since the questions asked in JEE Main are almost equally from Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus, students must focus on both, the classroom syllabus (it will help to clarify concepts) and the entrance syllabus (includes trick and techniques). The syllabus of each class is enormous and can’t be perfect in just one year.

Coaching Centre

It is a fact that what is taught in IIT JEE coaching, can as easily be done by self-studies.  However, it is well-proven fact that students who take coaching classes score higher in the JEE Main exam.  These students get a focused peer group along will a goal-oriented faculty. The coaching classes help you to clear the concept and master the syllabus very well. Joining a coaching class comes with its own advantages. They help in the biggest advantage is the exposure to competition. It is well known that what student scores in board exams indicate his/her intelligence and hard work. However, to score high in the exam demands a slightly different and higher aptitude.

Moreover, joining a coaching centre also has its disadvantages. The whole coaching centre formula can result in failure if the student cannot manage time and hence wasting time. Further, if the student decides to join IIT-JEE coaching classes, the following must be kept in mind that the coaching institute should not be very far from home and thus reducing student’s traveling time.

Time Management

While preparation it is vital to remember that each hour counts and time must be slotted wisely into various activities like– school, travel, coaching classes/tuition, sleep, physical activities, entertainment. A student must take care of his physical needs and sleep and rest accordingly. It’s not always fruitful to study for 8-9 hrs a day. If a student can understand well and accomplish the task in lesser time that will also help. However, it is very essential to take small breaks while studying to avoid overburden. It is also advisable that the student must practice light physical activities like walking or meditation as they help in keeping you fit and more concentrated.  As said before, the student must avoid long distance travels for tuitions and coaching.

Effective Preparation

The basic preparation strategy is, take notes while you study and take it easy when a new method of solving questions is introduced. Sometimes new methods take a little time to learn. It is always important to revise and practice, the already studied syllabus. An IIT-JEE aspirant must also keep a track of his strengths and weaknesses.

Online Mock Test and Sample Papers

From 2019 onwards the JEE Main exam will be conducted in the online test based format, so the main focus should be solving online mock test papers and online sample papers. With the online preparation, strategy aspirant will not come across a shock when in the examination. He/ she will be well versed thus making the exam a cake walk. Although the pattern is constant, as paper does not show any defined trend of questions and no question has ever been repeated in the JEE Main exam. Because practicing from these papers will help the student access the level of difficulty and analyze the preparation. The online test format helps you make arrangements such as setting a time limit and then analyzing your test and provide with solutions, at last, thus creating a competitive test environment.

So, don’t worry about the paper pattern, just follow strategic plan to ace the exam. All the best!