How Does Cold Weather Affect Diabetes?

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Diabetes is a very common and chronic disease found in human body. This is the problem where the body do not make or make less insulin. Diabetes effects life of most humans as can’t eat their choice of foods. There are three types of diabetes and having three forms i.e. type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. If you do not treated diabetes, it may lead to serious effects on kidney, foot ulcers and also a vision loss. In winter, the days become colder day by day due to the shorten time of the sunlight. In absence of sunlight, the humans feel tired and stressed. The more cold strains the body. Body will become tired, feel lazy, and muscles also strained so the body needs more glucose from the liver and result the sugar level increased in body. The cold affects more to diabetes patients.

Check Your Diabetes: In winter, the temperature of your body will decrease and your body becomes too cold. You have to regularly check the levels of sugar in your body to avoid any emergency. You must keep your body warm by drink hot water, tea etc so the inner temperature will be in control and you can maintain the good level of your sugar in body. Diabetes affects more in winter. Regular checking of your diabetes will help you to catch any high or low level of sugar to avoid any emergency.

Take Healthy Diet: In winter, you must eat only healthy foods as your body may need more calories to fight with cold. But you have to be more careful not to over eat. You may only eat natural foods only. This will high in vitamins, minerals, calories which body requires more in cold weather. Snacks like pizza, burger can give you the instant taste and relief but not are good for your health. You must avoid or eat less during the winter season these snacks.

Do Not Fall Ill: You must tare care of your health specially in winter as you may be infected with fever, cough n cold as it is very difficult to control your sugar level during your illness. If you fell ill, your will feel lazy and you do not do too much work due to the lack of energy and your sugar level will increase or decrease very frequently. You must wear warm clothes, take hot drinks and try to make your body warmer. You may not go outside of your house if there is too much cold outside to prevent from any type of illness as indirectly your sugar level may change suddenly.

Do Exercise Daily: As you know that the exercise is an important part of life. Exercise makes you fit and fine. In winter, when your muscles get stiffen then its more important for you to do exercise. You may not be go to outside in winters due to the snowstorms but you can do several exercise at home. Aim of doing exercise is to keep your body in motion. It’s not easy to do exercise in winter due to the cold but for your good health you must do it daily. It will give you inner strength and make you warm.

Make Stock Of Your Medicines: In winter, you do know about the weather as cold strom can hit any time and you do not get enough time to go outside to buy your medicines. To avoid any emergency, you must buy your medicines in advance. You can stock medicines for fever, cough n cold and your regular medicines also. You must not missed your daily dose of your medicines. You may also store your kit to check the diabetes. Only prevention can save from any trouble in future.

Regular Check Your Feet: You must check your feet regular in winter. You may loss feeling in your toes and feet due to the diabetes. You may protect your feet with proper winter clothes n shoes. These are the simple precautions you must follow in winter to avoid any mishappeing. You may also control your room temperature. If you find any injury in your body which doesn’t heal, you must consult your doctor. Doctor will advise your for some diabetic test and prescribe medicines. You must not take any medicine without doctor prescription as it may not goot for you.

Strong Your Immune System: A lower immune system is a sign of poor health. Your body is not able to fight with viruses, infections and other diseases with lower immune system. If you are ill, then you need more insulin, so its better to make your immune system strong to avoid these problems. Only strong immune system protect you from different types of diseases. Immune system plays a very important role in your life. You may fell ill very frequently if you have lower immune system. Your body is not capable to fight with your body enemies with lower immune system. You must make your immune system strong by eating healthy food, juice, fruits and other natural products.

As you all know that the diabetes in a chronic disease which infects the human body. You must keep your body in motion by daily walk, exercise or the medicines prescribed by your doctor to keep your diabetes in control. In winter, diabetes becomes more dangerous if you do not follow your routine because in winter, you will feel tired, lazy and depressed. You can save you from the diabetes with keep you medicines with you, routine checkups, fitness in winter. Your body need more glucose in winter and you need more insulin, so keep you protect from cold and follow some basic rules are far better then the use of medicines. You must go for natural resources instead of medicines. You may sit some time in sunligt. You can make your body warmer with intake of hot drinks, healthy foods, take bath with hot water. Its very important for you to keep your body protect in winter as its very difficult for diabetic to face winter. Only you can save yourself by follow some basic rules which are mentioned above.