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There’s a truism in business, and that is, “you get what you pay for.” Though in some cases a real discount find may present itself, the truth is that for the most part, when making a purchase, you have to pay for quality. This is very much the case when you think about purchases for industrial equipment.

Good equipment used in industry, from items like ribbon blenders or an industrial mixer used to mix concrete or other hard material, must be made with great materials and great attention to detail in order to be of the quality needed for industrial uses. Let’s face it, when you are building a road or creating walls in a major structure, the material you use must be of the highest quality, in order to ensure the safety and welfare of all.

Types of Mixers and Blenders

In the world of high industry, there are many types of industrial mixers to choose from. The choices can range from ribbon or paddle blenders, rotary drum blenders (which are widely used in Europe) and fluidizers. There are advantages to using different types of blenders, but there’s no question that advances in technology and construction have made some mixers superior to others.

Rotary Drum Blenders present a definite advance on some of the other traditional industrials mixers, as these blenders blend rapidly and very thoroughly, and they also have no moving parts inside the drum. This means these blender doesn’t run the risk of sheering off any parts of the product by a mixing blade, which is a danger with some mixers. These blenders are also smaller and more energy efficient than some other blenders, which can add up to savings over time.


Fluidizers are a newer development in the mixing market, but they will likely continue to catch on as older models of traditional mixers wear out and must be replaced. Fluidizers are highly efficient and are shown to outperform ribbon and paddle-type mixers.

There’s no question that buying a new mixer for industry is a major financial commitment, but buying quality is always a wise choice, which is why it’s always smart to study the details of every piece of equipment and weigh its pros and cons before finally making a purchasing decision.