JEE Main 2019: Top 5 Books to Score in Chemistry Section

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It often happens that while preparing for JEE a student faces trouble in finding the correct study material. Out of all the 3 subjects in JEE, chemistry is one cumbersome subject that needs a proper balance of theoretical as well as numerical ability. Here, we shall be discussing how to make chemistry easier and more comprehensible for students. To be able to understand the fundamentals of chemistry a student must start with NCERT that has all the important topics well covered. If your basics are clear you are on the edge and can apply your knowledge wherever required.
Apart for NCERT, below are the top 5 books discussed that are a must have to score well in chemistry and attain best JEE Main Result.

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee

The calculation is a troublesome task when it comes to dealing with small quantities. This book is a saviour from such tasks. It introduces the mole concept in the easiest way possible. It has the numerical question from all topics and contains almost 1000+ numerical questions for practice. Not only this, but the book also has solved examples for all type of numerical questions.
This book is one of the best books from the perspective of JEE. This book will make you a pro in chemical calculations and will make sure that you make it to the JEE Main cut-off.
It is a must-have book, go for it and begin with the best!

Organic Chemistry by Arihant Prakashan

A Textbook of Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE 01 by Arihant Prakashan is an in-demand book for scoring good in chemistry. This book has a clear understanding of the topics and a crisp insight to all that is needed. It has all the important topics covered like Bonding in Organic Compounds, Purification and Elemental Analysis, Nomenclature of Organic Compounds, Mechanism of Organic Reactions, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Alkyl Halides, and Monohydric Alcohols, Ethers and Polyhydric Alcohols, aldehydes, Amines, Carbohydrates, Aromatic Compounds, Cycloalkanes etc.
Arihant Chemistry broadly focuses on objective-type questions that are asked in competitive exams. This book has a question based on the current trend by IIT-JEE. Also, it includes ample practice question and previous year questions of different difficulty level.

Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee

Are you one of those students who cannot do rote learning? Then Inorganic Chemistry must be a challenging part for you.  Here is that one book which can make learning quick and interesting for you. This book JD Lee comes with the sole purpose of making your understanding better and concepts more clear. It will help you get a good grip on all the important topics. This book is filled with knowledge and will expand your horizons of thinking.
It does not only have a clear explanation to all topics but also have problems, fill in the blanks, choose the correct answers etc. based on each topic. It will not only help you reach the JEE Mains cut off but will also make you better at chemistry.

University Chemistry by Freedman and Young

This book is designed to prepare for exams like JEE and other competitive exams. Besides covering all the important topics, this book also includes a series of chapters on special topics that include organic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, solid state, and biochemistry. Throughout this book, the SI system of units has been used.
Apart from the detailed explanations, this book also consists of worked out examples and numerical problems with a wide range of difficulty levels that will help you to have a better grasp at numerical questions.
This book will certainly add to your chemistry score and will make you to ace JEE Main.

Physical Chemistry by N Awasthi

This book is good to go when you have completed your study materials and other preparatory material. This book can be used as a thorough revision to brush up the so far gained knowledge.
It has questions from all the topics and a good explanation of the concepts. After you are done with all other preparatory material pick this book as a reference to check your understanding and asses yourself and your hard work.