New York Startups Reviewed by Yellowstone Capital LLC

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New York, the city never sleeps, is chock-full of high-growth startups that are not only disrupting markets, changing the mindsets and growing fast, but also bringing about a revolution in the startup industry. From e-commerce to finance, transportation to food, there’s a tremendous growth in the number of innovative companies venturing out every year and adding value to the market in their own unique ways.

Yellowstone Capital LLC, one of the leading alternative funding solution providers of the country, has reviewed some of the best startups of New York that have a strong vision and focus on what’s important for today’s society as well as their dynamic expectations. Let’s take a look at these promising ventures!


In this age of ubiquitous slow food and vegan lifestyle, giving people the advantage of urban farming sounds like a classic idea. Bowery, with its revolutionary farming techniques, holds the capability to grow plants in warehouses all year long with sunlight replaced by LEDs and the use of nutrient-rich water beds instead of soil.

With its location set-up near the New York City, it helps the company cut down on its transportation cost, while concentrating all its energy in enhancing the way greens can and should be produced in today’s time. That said, Bowery has set great expectations in the mind of the citizens of the United States of America.


Owing to the increasing crime rate in the United States of America, there was a great need to develop a system which could help people stay safe and be aware about the areas wracked by crime. Citizen, a mobile application, formerly launched by the name of Vigilante in 2016, is a classic solution to this obnoxious problem.

The app aims to keep the citizens of the United States of America safe and inform them of crimes happening in their area. Since its launch, the startup has raised nearly $13m from Sequoia Capital and other financial sources. The crime tracker app is, at present, only available for the people of New York and San Francisco. However, Andrew Frame, the founder of the app, in a recent interview stated that the startup is planning to expand its services across other states and cities as well.


Founded in 2015, Anchor is an urban social media platform that allows users to create their own podcasts with their smartphones. One can also publish a recorded podcast, interact by commenting, giving virtual applause, accept calls from listeners and even conduct interviews. A user can also add music tracks from other platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music.

The main aim behind the launch of the application was to replace the radio and bring about a new, positive change. Reviewing its functions and current popularity in the American market, Anchor has high chances of becoming the next platform of choice for commuters and podcast lovers.


A brainchild of Jonathan Salama and Drew McElroy, Transfix has simplified shipping by matching the loads with truckers heading in the same direction. While in its initial phase of setup, it wasn’t a really lucrative startup business to eye up, but having raised about 78.5m from various investors, it’s worth talking about.

The company, via its means allows users to track their shipments, receive alert messages in case there’s a delay in the arrival or departure of their shipment, and even contact drivers.