Why Does No-one Want to Buy Your Product?

Having a fantastic product to sell is an incredibly exciting situation to be in. However, what if no-one wants to buy it from you?

There are many different reasons why a product might not be as sought after as you had expected it to be. If you want to resolve the issue then you need to work out first of all what it is that is stopping the sales from going through the roof like you had hoped for.

The Product Isn’t Attractive Enough

The simplest issue of all could be that your product just isn’t attractive enough for people to buy it in great numbers. If you had high hopes for it then this is sure to be a crushing blow to you.

However, the sooner you realise that there isn’t the demand that you had hoped for the better. This will allow you to work out whether to concentrate on something else or else try to improve this product in some other way.

The best way to quickly find out about the appeal of what you offer is through a bout of field marketing. If you do this then you will find out how best to move forward.

It Is Too Expensive

Could it be that people like what you sell but aren’t too happy about paying the price that you are asking for it? This is another common problem, as many new businesses struggle to convince potential buyers of the value of what they sell.

It can be extremely difficult to work out what the cost of your product should be. This is especially true if there is nothing like it already on the market just now.

This is another situation in which you can feel the benefits of carrying out some market research. By finding out how keen people are for your product and how much they would be willing to pay for it you can make an informed decision on the price that you set for it.

A Problem with the Sales Process

Another possibility is that your product and prices are all fine but that the sales process is what is really letting you down. Could it be that having inexperienced or poorly trained staff working in this vital role is holding back your business?

Getting a retail audit carried out on the company could be the simplest and most effective way of making sure that your sales process is robust enough and being followed appropriately.

One issue that you need to wary of is the temptation to view the sales roles as being of little importance. Some companies take on inexperienced staff here and offer relatively poor rewards to them as well.

Given the importance of making sales, it is vital that you find good quality employees who can make a difference in this role. A good idea can be to use incentives such as commission and bonuses to keep your sales team happy and keen to sell as much as possible. 

You Are Trying to Sell to the Wrong People

Is there a possibility that you are trying to sell your goods to people who are never likely to be interested in them? Finding the right target demographic for your business isn’t always as easy as it might initially sound.

One smart way of doing this is to find leads online. There are companies that sell you lists of potential leads based on their location, interests, age and other factors that you could use to narrow down your search for customers.

It could even turn out that you end up attracting different customers from the ones you were expecting to sell to. You may be sure about who your customers will be but you should still give yourself some scope about who could buy from you if they like what you do.

Once you find the right people to sell to it should a lot easier for you to work out a clever marketing campaign that boosts your sales figures and gets you feeling great about what you offer again.

If you aren’t sure who might be interested in your product then it is time to do some research. A bit of field marketing could help you out here, as could some time checking out who your rivals sell to.

By going about resolving this issue in the right way you can look to achieve more sales in a sustainable way that gives you a lot of confidence about carrying on growing the business over time.