Offers of Free Server Hosting Services

Who does not want things that are given for free? Most, if not all, people take advantage of anything that is free of charge. This concept is very applicable on server hosting services that can cost so much money every month. To rest your worries on the high prices once in a while, here are the usual free provisions or offers of server hosting services.

Free Hosting of Websites with No Advertisements. This means web hosting server providers do not include advertisements, which are in the forms of banners, text links and pop-ups, to the website and its web pages that they host or support without cost charges.

No Charge for Domain Hosting. It refers to server hosting services that allow the clients and customers to host or create their own names for their domains on the web hosting server with not extra fees. Moreover, it can mean that free domain names are given in any web hosting package plan.

Free Hosting of PHP and MySQL. Does it sound too technical for you? Well, it actually is. But to make it as friendly as possible, this free offer means that the providers of free server hosting services give the very well-known Hypertext Processor (PHP) scripting and MySQL open-source database support for free and are included in the different packages of the web server hosting.

7 Sites with Free Server Hosting Services

This list is in no particular order. It only provides the possible free features for every site.

  1. AwardSpace offers clients with free web hosting server plans that are free from online advertisements. There are free sub-domains and email sending as well as free hosting of MySQL and PHP
  2. provides free domains and web hosting plan. Aside from the two, it also gives free tools for building a website and blog as well as pre-installed software applications and scripts.
  3. has free web hosting plans with no adverts. The plans also come with other freebies like free domains on, free website builder and free account activation. There’s more. It also provides free open-source hosting like Joomia, MySQL, PHP and WordPress.
  4. Byet Internet Services gives free hosting of MySQL and PHP. It also has free web hosting plans with free sub-domains, no adverts as well as free access to community forums and tech support.
  5. FreeHostingEU comes with a lot of freebies, including free domains, free hosting of MySQL and PHP as well as free web hosting server without issues or adverts. It also provides free tools for blog and website development.
  6. Jimdo allows you to create your own website for free. It provides a visual website developer wherein you can add photos and videos to make your website more appealing and more inviting for the visitors.

7. Webs is another website that provides free tools for the development of websites and blogs. It also has free sub-domains, free forms and free polls, which you can use to create an impressive website. It has an intuitive interface that allows your to drag and drop the icons in completing your website.