Personal Development through Reading Quotes based on Seven Virtues

There are many quotes recited by people every other day. They touch on different aspects of our lives and whichever aspect of your life you need fulfilled, you’ll always find something for you. The most written about quotes speak of different virtues like:

  1. Kindness

Being kind is an amazing virtue and speaks volumes of the souls of human kind. Many writers have scripted quotes about being kind and how beautiful life is when people are shown kindness. Reciprocation of such feelings makes the world a better place.

You can have evening sessions with your children where you share motivational readings by different people. This will help you in bringing up selfless children that will leave the world better than it was. Mother Teresa echoed the message of kindness by saying how kind words are short and easy to speak but their echoes and aftereffects are endless.

  1. Happiness

Nothing is better than seeing happy faces on the streets or at work and church. Happiness is as contagious as kindness. Children’s happy faces melt your heart because of their genuine relaxed and happy souls. Despite the heartache and hardships you’ll face, there should be something to fill your life with happiness.

Motivational readings and quotes about happiness have been written to spread happiness and joy.   The ZigZiglar’squote on retaining your smile, grateful heart and words brings cheer to your life. This is because you will be happy to give these things but still have a lot in store for you and the next person.

  1. Hard work

Breaking backs to earn a living or even burning the midnight oil are some of the things that we wonder why we get involved in them. Your business becomes more successful and you might get a promotion at work just by working hard and not giving up.  Many such quotes have been written for you so that you do not lose faith. Hard work pays and you should be reminded when you lose your way.

  1. Hope

Being hopeful when you are faced by a myriad of difficulties and heartbreaks is just about impossible. There are many ways you can lose your hope especially when the results you obtain are consistently disappointing. However,daily motivational readings and quotes that encourage you to push on will eventually lead you to your dream. You can find a mentor or friend to guide and lead you through a rough patch through prayer and motivating quotes.

  1. Love

Love is the greatest gift given to all humanity. Heartbreaks make many people deny their hearts love. As disappointing as one experience feels, there is always a space for love in your heart.

Poems have been recited, monologues written, quotes crafted and million songs sung. All in the name of love; love should be a beautiful experience and one worth experiencing.  These quotes teach about nurturing love and learning to love again. You should not lose faith.

  1. Peace

Many nations have been at war in the past years and it’s disheartening to see children left orphans and others shot mercilessly. Quotes contain few words but the message put across by, most of them is the message of peaceful coexistence for better days ahead. There could be many reasons to hate after war, even at home but families and nations come first.

  1. Respect

People forget the importance of respect for each other. Respect is earned and should be learned/ taught from childhood. The Bible speaks this message too and it should be adhered to. Many quotes on respect are there as a reminder of the importance of respect for all.

In conclusion, there are many quotes for every part of life. You should seek out what you need on your life for the best personalities.