Power Strips vs Power Conditioners

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Choosing an option to meet your power needs may take time. Most of us will obviously rule out the option of an electrician because that will be more expensive as well as time consuming. Therefore, you are left with two options, power strips and power conditioners. Now, while we rule out the electrician from the list, most of us will go buy a power strip from a local store. Power strips are easily available in hardware stores, electronics stores or the super market in your area. Hardware stores and super market will not have varieties of power strips, but if you go to an electronics store, then you may find diverse power strips in the range of 10$ to 100$. Now you may ask, why this huge difference in prices.

To be very frank, power strips vary in quality. For example, some power strips come with marks, which predefines which device to be plugged in where. Some of them also promises you with a cash reward if your equipment is harmed by any type of power surges as a compensation against your damaged product. Again, beware of these disclaimers, because these types of disclaimers do not cover surges from lightning strikes. The price of the power strips depends on what you want to connect with the strips. You will also find some power strips in electronics store that are specific to home theatres. When you go to an electronics store, you may also see the power conditioners alongside power strips. While looking at power conditioners, after considering power strips, you will find a huge difference in price. Usually, power conditioners tend to start from around 100$. In power conditioner, the price depends mainly on the number of outlets. More the number of outlets, more is the price. Power containers are bigger than power strips, and will take up a whole shelf of your component cabinet. Therefore, if you are planning on buying a power conditioner, then you may as well plan on your furniture. Power conditioners often has a display on the front, for a cooler look. Well, now you must be wondering, what is the difference between a power strip and a power conditioner?

The power conditioner conditions the power which goes through to the appliance. Actually, the power conditioner restricts the voltage which goes through to your appliances. It will save your electronics in the case of power fluctuations, like a sudden drop in voltage. Often the power conditioner has a voltage meter in the front which shows the exact amount of voltage going in through the conditioner. You will often see the meter reading fluctuating, which means that you are experiencing a power surge. The power conditioner protect damage to the appliances through your cable wire. Your appliances will work much better with a consistent voltage going through them, and it will also extend their life. Another advantage of buying a conditioner is, that it will also cover your appliances in case of lighting strike.

Therefore, on one hand you have power strips and on another hand, you have power conditioner. The first is cheap, affordable and takes up less space. The second one is costly, takes up more space but is much safer than the first.

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