Prevent Shoring Accidents and Save Your Business Huge Money

A quick glance at what the law says about businesses and accidents might send chills down your financial spine. The charges that you might be facing simply because your business is not putting the right safety measures in place are seriously hefty. A majority of small and medium sized businesses are not able to cope with such fines. If you are not going to be fined, then you will probably be charged with murder because your business is responsible for its workers.

Construction businesses are at the greatest risk of such fines and losses. You have heard of people dying on construction sites because a building block fell on the person or the scaffolding broke and they fell twenty floors down. Shoring accidents are not any friendlier. People die after being crashed by collapsing walls and others are buried alive by collapsing trenches. Let’s talk about preventing shoring accidents in excavation projects by the use of the right equipment for the job.

Hydraulic shoring equipment

A quick visit to will introduce you to the innumerable benefits of hydraulic shoring materials. They are increasingly becoming popular all over the world. This is because they are so easy to use. They are probably the most user-friendly shoring systems that you will ever find in the market. At the most basic level they involve some hydraulic pistons which prop up steel plates or plywood to hold up a trench’s walls.

Icon JDS is one of the leading service providers when it comes to shoring equipment. They have premium quality hydraulic shoring materials for your selection. The affordability of this equipment is simply great and that means that you will not have to spend more than you ought to in the name of buying shoring items. You can rent the equipment if you so wish. Icon gives you so many options to keep your construction business performing at its best.

It is one thing to have the hydraulic shoring systems but another totally different thing to install it. Installation is a really difficult process and still dangerous especially if you have to get inside the trench to do so. This is unless of course you are working with the systems provided by Icon JDS. These systems are completely above-the-ground installation quality. No one will have to jump into the trench to set them up. The risk of being buried alive by a collapsing trench is lowered significantly.

The weight of the shoring systems can also be a problem sometimes. If it is too heavy it might be a risk. This is why the aluminum alloy systems are becoming the preferred choice for most construction companies today. They are extremely light and extremely strong. You can get hydraulic aluminum alloy shoring equipment at Icon JDS and many other places.

By use of such systems you will be protecting your business from the legal tussles that follow accidents. Work moves on very fast because hydraulic systems are easy to set up. Your workers are always safe from accidents.