Ryan Jacob CAE highlights the importance of blog for a small business

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Ryan Jacob CAE runs his own microsite, from his base in California that showcases blogs regarding CAE Ryan Jacob’s professional and business knowledge. If you are wondering whether your small business needs its own blog then the answer is most definitely yes. It is a fairly easy, non-time consuming, hassle free way to promote yourself and your business. It will attract traffic to your website and customers will react well to funny anecdotes and real life stories, about your business, that you can post on your blog.

Statistics have shown that blogs have attracted new customers to many businesses. Do not make your web boring you do not want to be a defendant on the case of having the most boring online presence in California!

The most beneficial reasons to have a blog are listed below.

  • A blog will boost your website in terms of Search Engine Optimization, the new entries will mean that google will be aware of the activity on your blog and this will increase your chances of your company being at the front of the list of any google search relating to your business.
  • A blog will develop relationships. You can bring about interaction on your blog by asking for feedback or questions from customers or potential customers. When you reply to questions and feedback you are building a trust relationship with the client. Other potential clients will therefore see that you are a mature company who respects and cares about its clients and this will help promote your business through word of mouth as well as customers seeing for themselves that you are a professional and responsible business.
  • This will all help to connect people to your brand, they will trust you before they have met you. It enables you to showcase your business ethos without anyone having to leave their home or their business premises.
  • It will help spread the word about your business, every time you blog you are setting up a situation where this blog can be shared and could even go viral, this is why fun blogs are very important. People are more likely to share something that is funny or seems very human. As your blog is forwarded on Facebook, Twitter and so on you are getting an enormous amount of free advertising.

News about how your company is a great place to work as you have fun there as well as getting the job done will all increase your profile. With a small amount of effort and time you can boost your internet visibility, engage potential customers, boost your popularity and even get to people who have never previously heard of your company.

If you are unsure where to start why not pop over to the blog ran by Ryan Jacob CAE and get some ideas about how to do it. Have a good look round and see what he has done in the past to engage potential customers and increase interaction on his blog.

What you waiting for go get blogging!