Software Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

A number of innovative software have been developed over the years, and more keep being developed every day, each better than the last. Manufacturing industries typically rely on both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) to streamline their operations. Here are the ones that are likely to stand the test of time:

SAP Business One


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This is an enterprise resource planning application suite for small and medium sized businesses. It makes financing, customer relationship management and human resource operations easier. It virtually automates every aspect of your business and comes as one application that handles several tasks. Effectively, cross department is made easier and clearer, teams collaborate and work better on product development. A medium sized enterprise like Maestro Bath would find this software invaluable for managing the relationship between their customers whom they remodel bathrooms and sell fittings for.

Microsoft Dynamics

Marketed as both a CRM and ERP solution, this software is trusted by large and small business enterprises. Microsoft recently announced that it intends to make some changes to Dynamics, to make it more than just a CRM and ERP tool. It’s unbundling from Microsoft so that it is developed as a distinct business unit promises more in terms of agility and functionality.


Image Courtesy of, a cloud computing platform, allows the business to develop new applications and host the present ones. Probably one of the world’s leading CRM tools, it redefines how industries and businesses connect with customers. Other advantages of using are that it shortens time in developing new apps and the security headache afterwards is cleared because all this is monitored by Salesforce.

Using this platform, the manufacturer is connected to customers and distributors in time. It works well for start-ups looking to make their presence known, and need a short term service.


Epicor is a business focused ERP that improves functionality in accounting, human resources, project management, manufacturing and supply chain to mention a few. It has features and tools like billing and invoicing, payroll, performance review, fleet management and tagging and issue tracking, quality management and CAD interface, which are key tools for a manufacturer.

Net Suite

This software has both CRM and ERP functions and two others- HCM (Human Capital Management) and ecommerce. Its benefits include increased productivity from employees and creating a transparent system.

The ecommerce function particularly sets it apart from the other software packages. The traditional CRM and ERP features make it an excellent choice for manufacturers, especially in the UK.

Sage ERP X3

A manufacturing software that improves operations in finance, sales, inventory, and manufacturing itself. It is easy to learn and can be customized to fit different users depending on their roles. Users have reported its capability of improving existing software and its user friendliness.

JD Edwards Enterprise One from Oracle

Oracle developed this series of ERP software to help manage the manufacturing cycle and its processes effectively. Its application guarantees timely distribution of products and users can configure, design and sell complex products because of the artificial intelligence capability. Business owners can also plan demands from customers, highlight defects in products and make sure all needed components are available for assembly.

Here is a detailed overview that clearly describes how this software works.

Enterprise IQ

From IQMS, this is comprehensive software suited for discrete and repetitive processes in the automotive industry. It is presented as a single vendor manufacturing execution solution that promises to bring down downtime costs while improving profit margins. It monitors production and analyzes captured data.