Special Guest App

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Founded by comedian Damon Wayans and entrepreneur Kristopher Jones, Special Guest App is the new way to find the entertainment you are looking for. This app makes it easier for people to find talented entertainment on demand. Whether you are looking for a band, comedian, musician, DJ, clowns, magicians, dancer, photographer, you will be able to find everything here.

The traditional search for talent is very complex and it takes time as well as money. However, with the invention of Special Guest App people have a whole new way to find talent. Not just finding talent, Special Guest has made it easier for talented people to get recognized. The hires can see the work of different talent and provide them further opportunities to grow as artists.

No matter what kind of event you attend today, you need some sort of entertainment elements to ensure that your guests are having a good time. People look out for different entertainment sources to make the party fun. And one of the toughest tasks is to pick out the best source of entertainment for your party. When deciding on that, there are so many options that one can look into depending upon the event. There are magicians, DJ, comedians etc.

Say you have decided what kind of an entertainment you want in your party. The next step is to find the entertainment and this is where Special Guest comes into play. Special Guest is an app which helps you to hire different entertainers for your event.

You can now hire Live entertainer online (through phone or the web). If you are an event planner, this app is a life saver for you. Whether for birthday parties, weddings, or bar mitzvah, you will find the entertainer you are looking for in this app.

Basically, Special Guest is an iOS application allowing people from all around the world to hire entertainer on demand.

It provides an opportunity to thousands of entertainers who fail to land a secure job because we all know how difficult it is for artists to get a gig.

Do you want to hire a talent? Then you don’t have to go through all the traditional hiring processing. You can sit in the comfort of your house and hire the talent you are looking for whenever you want.

This amazing app also offers the services efficiently to anyone and make sure that they can host the entertainment program anywhere they want. You can book a live entertainer for your backyard, office, or any other venue that you prefer.

How Special Guest Helps You Hire Live Entertainer?

Special Guest incorporates two-way interaction between the talent hire and talent and builds a community that is credible as well as reliable. Geolocated feed enables the talent seeks to search the available talent to build the network connection and hire the talent whenever they need.

The app has messaging as well as notification services that allow the users to directly communicate with the talent. This further makes things easier for both the parties and help them to stay connected.