Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

Tips for Getting Your Research and Development Team Together

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Whether your industry is tech, pharmaceuticals or marketing, getting the best R & D team together will make your job as project manager that much easier. PM software from a company like will help reduce potential problems while allowing you to focus on the big picture. The goal is to corral a talented group of different personalities who can work independently while coming together to achieve the same goal. Sound difficult? Read on to learn how it’s done.

Defining the Project

You were chosen as project manager because you either have a provable track record of success or you possess certain skills that the company you’re working for finds valuable. The type of project will help determine what type of team you’ll put in place and how to proceed. In traditional projects, the budget, goals, time line and team may already be in place. Your job is then to oversee that process and make sure that it proceeds smoothly and within budget. An iterative project means that you may only begin with a vague notion of the ultimate goal and a budget range; the rest is up to you.

Getting the Team Together

If you’re working with an in-house team, you need to assess skill sets and determine where best to utilize them. Once that is in place, you can recruit from outside to fill in gaps. When your team is in place, you need to evaluate your responsibilities and convey clearly to the team what is expected of each member individually and their role in the overall project. In addition to inspiring your team and providing direction, you’ll also need to:

– Establish and communicate performance standards
– Define the culture and style of the group
– Identify and initiate any additional training
– Set and enforce parameters
– Anticipate and neutralize potential conflicts
– Provide support and encouragement
How Technology Can Help You Manage Effectively and Meet Your Goals

Using tech that is especially developed for overseeing research and development projects decreases time and cost overall. It should cover the four basic building blocks of any effective R & D strategy, Your software should also help you achieve your objective faster without skimming over the essentials by:

– Performing analysis and defining objectives
– Coordinating task management
– Definition the scope of activities and iterations
– Validating the process

Project managers need to get their team to think collaboratively while acting independently. But, 21st century project managers need 21st century tools to do the job more efficiently. By combining intuitive tech with the right team, you’ll ensure a more streamlined process and better outcomes.