Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Horse

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Horses are wonderful, majestic animals to own. There is much joy to gain from being around horses on a daily basis. If you are new to owning a horse, you might be wondering how to fully take care of it so that it is happy and healthy. Horses take a lot of work to care for and you need to take it seriously. Aside from lots of love and attention, there are many things you can do to keep your horse in good shape. Below are some great tips for taking care of a horse.


Horses require grooming on a regular basis. You should have a separate area to groom your horse away from their regular stall. Some basic grooming should include brushing their body and hair. A good brush will remove any loose hair and dirt from their coat. When their mane gets too long, it should be cut appropriately so that it doesn’t get tangled. A very important part to groom on a horse is their hooves. Regularly check and remove any turf, rocks or other objects that may be lodged in the hooves. A horse should also have their hooves trimmed regularly every three to eight weeks to keep them in good condition.


Horses need plenty of fresh water. The trough should be kept clean and inspected daily to make sure no mold is growing in it and no foreign objects are floating in it that the horse could ingest. Horses need to eat lots of good, quality hay. This is their main source of food and they can eat around fifteen to twenty pounds of it each day. Regularly inspect the hay to make sure it’s free of dust and mold.

Quality Of Life

Horses need lots of attention. When you first get a new horse, you should take your time bonding to them. Let the horse approach you and get used to being around you. Horses will also require some medical attention at some points in their life. To make this easier on you and the horse, it is a good idea to get some animal insurance. If your horse gets sick and needs medical attention, having quality animal insurance from a company such as the one found at can ensure your horse gets the help it needs.

Owning a horse is a huge commitment. They take a lot of time and money to care for. However, the joy and companionship you can get from one is worth it in the end. Never buy a horse if you don’t have the time and money needed to keep a horse happy and healthy.