The Top 15 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorials

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a popular web design tool that can be used to create nearly any website. You can make stunning HTML websites with this professional design tool through its WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) visual editor. This application is a great tool for beginners because it’s easy to learn and many online tutorials exist for it. Follow one of these tutorials to create a properly formatted website or feature for your web project and learn a bit more about Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.

1. Dreamweaver Template Tutorial

If you’re going to be building websites in Dreamweaver then you should become familiar with Dreamweaver’s primary design template .dwt file type. This tutorial will teach you how to create a .dwt file and customize the settings of your template to better suit your project.

2. Creating a Website Basics

This quick video tutorial will show you the basics of creating a website in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. In just 16 minutes you will be able to setup your next website and get started on making the basic layout for it. This is a good place to start if you have your own web hosting and plan to upload your whole site after creating it locally.

3. Edit WordPress Sites in Dreamweaver

One of the most popular questions WordPress site owners have when starting out with Adobe design tools is “Can you edit WordPress sites in Dreamweaver?” Excitingly, the answer is: yes. Follow this tutorial to import your WordPress site into Adobe Dreamweaver for quick and easy visual editing.

4. Novice Website Setup

This tutorial from Adobe is a great for beginners who want a more detailed instruction on how to setup a website. If you’ve never used Dreamweaver and want to make your own website to upload to a web hosting server then this is the place to start.

5. CSS Definitions

Dreamweaver CS6 contains a helpful utility for creating CSS rules. Through this tutorial you will master the CSS definition tool and be able to create HTML and CSS websites with ease. This is great for designers who don’t like to write CSS manually.

6. Web Fonts for Dreamweaver CS6

Using web fonts helps your site display the way you intend it to regardless of the browser or device your visitor is using. This tutorial will help you install and use web fonts on all of your Dreamweaver projects.

7. Create a Login Page in Dreamweaver

Many developers are surprised to learn that you can create interactive login pages using nothing more than Dreamweaver. Use this detailed guide to create a login page for your website to separate your premium content from your public site or allow access to user accounts.

8. CSS3 Highlights

By following this tutorial you will create CSS3 transition effects that can be used to display highlighted content on your site. This is a simple way to utilize CSS3 without having much prior knowledge of its syntax.

9. Image Maps for Dreamweaver

If your project requires an image map, then this tutorial will be the perfect guide for you. Follow the steps outlined in this CS6 tutorial to create clickable image maps for your site using grid-style thumbnails.

10. Dreamweaver Libraries

Libraries are helpful for designers and developers creating large or multiple sites and projects. You can reuse elements and scripts by pulling from libraries to save time and effort while building your websites. Follow this tutorial to master Dreamweaver library items and library usage.

11. Keyboard Shortcutsa

Once you’ve followed a few basic tutorials and have learned how to create websites and other design projects, it’s a good idea to learn some keyboard shortcuts to save time while using Dreamweaver. This tutorial contains all the major shortcuts you’re likely to benefit from.

12. Fluid Images

Installing fluid grids and images on your website will help keep everything responsive and functional. Follow this guide to place your first fluid images into your design template and learn more about responsive design with Adobe.

13. CSS Sprites in Dreamweaver

CSS Sprites allow you to condense multiple images into a single image frame, reducing the overall load time of your website. Take advantage of the skills you will learn throughout this tutorial to increase the efficiency of your web project.

14. Dreamweaver Extensions

Dreamweaver extensions add functionality to the program and can help you automate many tasks. Follow this concise tutorial to learn how to install and use extensions in Dreamweaver CS6.

15. Responsive Design in Dreamweaver

This top tutorial is a great introduction to responsive site design in Adobe Dreamweaver. It shows you how to make fluid grids as a basis for your site so that your design can conform to the display size of any user’s device.

By following these well-crafted tutorials for Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 you will soon become an expert in creating professional-quality websites. These tutorials work for everyone from novice web designers to current professionals in the field who just prefer working with Dreamweaver and other Adobe products.