Published On: Tue, Dec 13th, 2016

Top 6 must do things for you in Barbados


Welcome to the “country of flying fish”. Wait, that doesn’t sound familiar? How about Los Barbados: the best Caribbean tourist destination? With over 500000 visitors every year, this tropical heaven offers a lot of fun activities for you. Here is a list of the top six must-do activities.

  1. Kick back on a catamaran cruise

Embark on a dream catamaran cruise and experience sailing at it’s best. Your Barbados trip won’t be complete until you sail on the clear waters with the sunset as your backdrop. For as little as $90 you’ll get a cruise package inclusive of snorkeling with beautiful ocean fiona, sea turtles plus a tasty buffet lunch/ dinner.

  1. Drive up to the North Point and eat at an ocean side restaurant

As you might have guessed, the North Point is the furthest point up the Barbados island. Here you’ll find the Animal Flower Cave plus a host of fancy restaurants from which you can enjoy a unique dining experience. How unique? Well, how about an oceanside restaurant which sits right NEXT to the beach? Take in the sights as your palate savors local delicacies. The Roundhouse, The Lone Star, The Cliff Restaurant are some of the oceanside restaurants you can sample the next time you are in town. Don’t mind about accommodation. For an affordable price, sample Barbados villa rentals and opt for the best available villa for your stay.

  1. Checkout the East Coast

While Barbados’ West Coast boasts of world class beaches that look straight out of a postcard, the East Coast isn’t left far behind. Bathsheba is every surfer’s dream haven while Crane Beach and Bottom Bay feature spectacular scenery. In fact, it’s the perfect getaway from the busy West Coast that is flocked with hundreds of holidaying families.

4.Sample up some rum

The folks here love their rum. Listen to their music and rather than glorify parties or women, they sing about rum. It’s inexpensive. It’s readily available. It’s tasty. No wonder they can’t get enough of it. Make a point of sampling some. It is available in many forms – as a cocktail in your hotel’s bar or as coconut punch being sold by beach vendors. If you are curious you can even visit the Mount Gay Distillery for some historical facts about Barbadian rum. Cheers to that!

  1. Get lost in nature

There’s more to Barbados than beautiful sand beaches, surfing and good rum. A drive into the hills will take you through picturesque botanical gardens notably the Hunte’s Garden and Flower Forest. Hunte’s Garden sits in the valley of a collapsed cave and is breathtaking. Better yet, you can double up the nature experience with a walk to the nearby Welchman’s Hall Gully and Harrison’s Cave renown for beautiful geological formations. While at it, you’ll spot wildlife and birds.

  1. Spend an afternoon at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve

If you have ticked all the boxes – the beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, restaurants – you can enjoy an afternoon at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Spent time playing around with green monkeys. They are cute and adorable. In addition to this, you will find a big population of tortoises that will leave you in fits of laughter. How? Go and find out.