Top Supermarket For Online Shopping Revealed

Iceland Delivery van

Iceland has been named the top UK supermarket for online shopping according to a Which?survey.

The supermarket’s online service, which was launched less than three years ago, leapfrogged more experienced rivals like Waitrose and Ocado to grab the top spot for the first time.

According to 7,000 shoppers surveyed by Which?, Iceland’s success was down to low prices and the fact that delivery is free for orders over £35, which is less than any other supermarket requires you to pay to qualify for free delivery.

Iceland also scored highly for quality, which was the most frequently mentioned reason for why consumers shopped there.

When it came to in-store shopping, Waitrose claimed the top spot for the second year in a row – and put further ground between itself and its rivals.

Customers told the survey that shopping at Waitrose’s stores was “a pleasure” due to helpful staff and tidiness.

Waitrose was the only supermarket to receive top marks in categories relating to customer service or store environment.

Which? director of campaigns Alex Neill said: “While value for money remains a high priority, people want special offers to genuinely be special and they want a pleasant in-store shopping experience.

“When it comes to online shopping, we know convenient and low cost delivery slots are prominent factors in where people choose to shop.”

A shopper passes by branded bags in the Canary Wharf store of Waitrose in London.

Waitrose won the top spot for in-store shopping

Meanwhile, Asda and the Co-op scored less favourably in the survey.

Asda was the only online supermarket not rated as good for products being in stock.

It also scored poorly for ease of finding products, making it the lowest-ranked online supermarket.

From an in-store perspective, the Co-op was at the bottom, the survey found.

According to Which?: “Shoppers aren’t especially impressed with anything about the Co-op – it was the only supermarket not to be rated as ‘good’ in any of the categories we asked about.

“Several Co-op shoppers said that they have trouble getting hold of the items they want there, and talked about it as more of somewhere to do ‘top-up’ shopping rather than a place where they can get the majority of their groceries.

This ‘top-up’  rather than a ‘one-stop shop’ notion is supported by data from Kantar Worldpanel, which last week revealed that the Co-op is the most frequently visited major supermarket.

The research firm found customers shopped at Co-op an average of almost 19 times over the past 12 weeks, compared with a market average of 11 visits.


 [Source:- sky]