Top Tips on Improving Your Leadership Skills

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Having the ability to lead is something that some are born with, they are the ones who command teams, organize people and drive others on to achieve success, they are however, few and far between. The rest of us need to work hard on our leadership skills in order to be successful in leadership roles in our lives and in our jobs. If you wish to be a strong leader, and you weren’t born with the instinctive ability to lead then the good news is that this is something that you can easily work on and become a strong leader.

All leaders have certain characteristics that make them great leaders and you should look to strong leaders as inspirations for your improvement. People like Russ Lea are great role models, through his career he has used his leadership skills to move between industries such as education, healthcare as well as the private sector. Coupled with Russ’s leadership skills he has added many strings to his bow such as contract negotiations, strategic planning, relationship building and forecasting, this mixture of skills has made him a great leader and you can do the same. Here are some tips on improving your leadership skills.

How’s Your Communication?

Communication plays a significant part in the role of leader, you are the one who will be giving instructions, handing out tasks and giving your team the message that they will be conveying. You should be able to speak with people on all levels confidently and with clarity. Equally you need to be a good listener in order to learn, gain feedback and hear concerns and questions. If you don’t feel like your communication skills are strong enough then the answer is simple, communicate more, ask opinions on your communication skills and try to be more vocal within your team.

Do You Have The Passion?

If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing then success is unlikely to come your way, you need to be the driver of your team, you should be the most dedicated and committed person there. When your team sees this level of drive, they will be inspired to do the same. If you don’t feel dedicated then it could be through a lack of confidence, master your role and leave your problems at the door, 100% or nothing should be your new mantra.

Perform Self Analysis

The idea that you gain your leadership skills and simply sail to success is folly, the truth is that you need to constantly self evaluate and work on your lesser strengths, nobody is perfect but you should still strive for perfection. Ask your trusted colleagues and friends what they think your weaknesses are and then work hard to eradicate them, you need to be thick skinned and listen to the feedback you are given. Even if you have achieved success, that does not mean that there isn’t room for improvement or growth, the day you stop trying to improve and become complacent is the day that success will move further away from you.