Why is Trump still standing? The answer is the economy

Why is Trump still standing? The answer is the economy

How much will the American public let Trump get away with?

US media organizations have been hounding Trump since he became president until they now collectively sound like the boys and girls who cried wolf. (Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing.)

My view? The Russian collusion in the election is nonsense. The obstruction of justice in regard to the Russian collusion is very weak and certainly not impeachable. (As I said before, I think Democrats from the Obama era are in more trouble than Trump is.)

Trump’s life hasn’t been impeccable, not by a long shot: Questionable real estate and stock deals and other business arrangements — not to mention bad behavior toward women.

And a habit of doing, saying and tweeting things impetuously is not only unbecoming but also dangerous for a president.

So why is Trump still standing?

The answer is simple: Trump won the presidency because he promised a better economy. And, at least at first glance, the economy looks to be doing better than it has in 10 years. Not terrific, but better.