Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2018

Volvo Cars geared to have Google assistant, Maps and Apps even without an Android phone

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With each passing year, technology poises to amaze and mystify. The boys in the kitchen always seem to be working on something new and exciting that will leave consumers oohing and aahing.

These days, integration is the key. Companies are fusing high-end tech features to their products in order to bring greater consumer satisfaction.

Hence, who better to partner with than Google? Being one of the tech megaliths, it’s no surprise that quite a number of companies are agreeing to lucrative terms with them to make their products more ‘millennial savvy.’

Android capabilities

The automobile industry is certainly one not to be left out. Recently, Google announced its planned integration with Volvo cars. Yep, the company announced that it will add vital features such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play Store to the infotainment Sensus system for Volvo’s next-gen cars in the years to come.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as such a partnership has been in the books for the last one year, since Volvo announced that it planned to work with Google in creating an infotainment system powered by Android.

Now, consumers will be able to access some of their most popular apps using Android Auto features even without their smartphones!

This is certainly a monumental salvo for Volvo in the on-going battle between car manufacturers to ameliorate their screen capabilities for a greater car consumer experience.

Edging the competition

Giving the numerous struggles that carmakers come across in their bid to create a more advanced infotainment system, this partnership will certainly prove beneficial for Volvo in lessening their tech constraints.

Apart from the Volvo partnership, tech-auto enthusiasts were also left excited with yet another of Google’s new initiatives. Google has unveiled a new visual redo of Android Auto, which will also serve to make the entirety of the system much smarter.

Android Auto improvements

Android Auto will now come with support group messaging; not to mention RCS (Rich Communication Service). If one can recall, RCS was the stepping stone that Google used to further their cause towards the ultimate messaging app.

Moreover, Android Auto will also have higher integration with third-party apps. For example, hello Spotify! The app will now be able to make top search results and avail them on Android Auto; seamlessly providing a wide music variety to the driver.

These upgrades will certainly prove useful for consumers of Android Auto, Power Sports And More auto-related tech products.

Better integration for driver safety

Last but certainly not least, Google has also revealed that it is creating new templates and making them available to developers. This will make it much easier for them to get actionable info fast when apps are executed using Android Auto. In simple terms, Google has figured out a way to minimize the number of taps while using Android Auto.

Hmm, in a world where distractions are numerous, and accidents can happen right around the corner at any second, that’s a pretty neat idea!