Want a Change in Career? Here’s Why the Oil and Gas Industry is For You

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Whether you’re about to graduate from college or you just want a change in career, it’s a good idea to explore different sectors. While it can be scary to step outside your comfort zone, it’s always worth it. You might have never considered the oil and gas industry before; writing it off as being too specialist, or needing certain degrees to be part of it. However, there are plenty of roles to take on, from charting and brokering new land, to running oil rigs. It’s easy to feel daunted by joining such a historical, wealthy industry, but it’s one that needs talented new blood – so you’ll be welcomed as a brilliant investment to any company. Here are some reasons why you should consider the oil and gas industry.

The money

It’s no secret that people in the oil and gas sector are paid handsomely. You’ll be paid more for doing your role in this industry than you will in any other. If you’re leaving university or college, joining this sector will pay you a higher starting salary than almost anywhere else – so it’s worth thinking about it seriously. You’ll be doing the same job, just being paid more for it. Plus, many jobs in oil and gas work on lucrative bonus schemes, so you won’t just be getting a decent base salary – you’ll be earning a lot depending on your performance.

The freedom

While it’s not applicable to all jobs in oil, the freedom you get with rig-based roles is unbelievable. You’ll be working long, tough hours during your ‘on’ season, and this will usually last for around six months. Then, however, you normally get about the same time off as you had to work. Because you’re paid well too, you won’t notice the drop in your salary, as it’s all taken into account with your base rate. Plus, you’ll also get freedom in your working environment. While there are lots of office-based jobs, there’s also a lot out on the land, in labs and of course on rigs – perfect if you don’t want to work in an office.

The job choices

When it comes to choosing a career, you can do almost anything you want. You can have careers in project management, consultancy and brokering – like in firms such as www.doggett-landman.com– or you can explore new territories, like working on a rig, or as an engineer.

The travel

Oil is a global industry, so once you’ve gained a few years’ experience in the sector, you can transfer to almost any country in the world. From Europe to the Middle East, the oil industry is your passport to traveling the world, while earning money in a steady career. Plus, if you’re able to work on an oil rig, you’ll be able to see some raw, beautiful parts of the world; in areas that normal people don’t have access to.

The exploration

With such an onus on sustainable energy sources, the oil and gas industry is pouring lots of resource into discovering new sustainable solutions. It’s helping to realize inventions and find new ways of keeping everyone moving. So, joining the oil and gas industry doesn’t mean saying goodbye to solar power: it just means exploring it with much more resource behind you.